Mobile SDK for Android and iOS v1.1.6 – Voice & Video chat and more!

CometChat Team
The CometChat SDK seamlessly integrates with your existing application and lets you add chat functionality to your mobile app. As the mobile chat API has an intuitive flow, it makes the entire process of integration hassle-free and easy. We have come up with several features in CometChat Mobile SDK to enhance your users’ experience.

What’s New?

Audio/Video Chat CometChat’s most powerful feature is now available in our Mobile SDK with advanced noise cancellation technology. We support both one-on-one and chatroom audio, video & text chat. You can easy switch between Text & Audio/Video chat and one-to-one or group chat functionalities. Block Users Avoiding someone? Enable users to block/unblock other users directly from CometChatAnnouncements Now receive real-time announcements in the SDKFile Sharing An extremely simple, easy and quick way for users to share images and videos with each otherMultiple ways to Login You can login existing users directly using their user ID. Besides that, we also support- 1. Guest: Enable your users to quickly join the conversation in your mobile app 2. Username Based: A more secure way of logging in, using the user’s credentials Status Indication and Custom Message Now users can directly set their Status and Status Message from the Mobile SDK. This change will reflect on all other platforms instantly

Get The CometChat Mobile SDK for iOS & Android

To use CometChat Mobile SDK, you can purchase CometChat (any edition) depending on the features you would like on your website. If you would like audio/video chat in your Mobile SDK, then you will have to purchase our Platinum Edition.Purchase CometChat and Mobile SDKIf you already have CometChat and would like to add chat to your mobile apps, you can go ahead and purchase our Mobile Chat SDK.If you do not have a mobile app, then you can have a look at our White-labelled Mobile Chat App.If you need any further information, please feel free to email us.

CometChat Team