December 9, 2015

Top Drupal Modules for 2015

According to Built With, Drupal is the second leading CMS in 2015 (9%) in terms of web usage, with WordPress claiming the number one spot. Thus, it’s not surprising why many business owners and webmasters today are looking to leverage on the flexibility and uniqueness that Drupal provides as a CMS. What really entices someone to use Drupal is the fact that it has an impressive range of modules that enhance the functionality, features, and power of the CMS in many ways. As 2015 is about to end, we take a look at some of the top Drupal modules that impressed us this year!

  1. Views Views is probably the first module you download when you create a website using the CMS. Views make it easy for your content to be displayed by giving you the convenience of viewing fields like content, terms, users, taxonomy, and so on. Views help you create and display images, Slideshow, a list of products, and even jCarousel.
  2. Administration Menu Administration Menu is easily one of the best and invaluable modules that you can find on Drupal if you are a developer or website admin. This module allows you to navigate to the administrator menu at any time through a smart menu bar that appears on top. In other words, the Administration Menu helps you save valuable time while working on the website.
  3. Pathauto Pathauto is a module that helps you define patterns for content and data which enables the system to create automatic URLs. If you run a content or media website where your need is to frequently create new types of content, then this module can really be a timesaver.
  4. Context Context is a module that enables you to show different content or elements on your site based on conditions that you get to choose. For instance, if you want your blog to have only a few blocks at the bottom, but want more on the product page and homepage, then you can do so using this module.
  5. Ubercart Ubercart is easily one of the best modules for e-commerce sites and online stores. In fact, popular e-commerce themes in Drupal like Flatize and iShopping use this module as it supports just about every function related to shopping. It’s a great e-commerce module for users with little technical experience who want a simple tool to support high shopping flow during promotions and are in need of a smooth shopping cart to payment experience.
  6. Gmap Gmap is the Google Map module for Drupal that is definitely useful for giving your target audience and customers a visual address to where you are based. It’s flexible as it allows you to customize the map according to your preference. If your website produces content for local businesses, then this is a great module.
  7. Xml Sitemap Lastly, you will need to have a Xml sitemap in order to make your website search engine friendly. The Xml Sitemap module provides just that by automatically generating the sitemap and keeping your site results updated in compliance with the standards. There are also many other amazing modules on Drupal that can optimize your website, which we will be covering later on. Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions below as always!