June 27, 2018

Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Run a Successful Social Media Website

Social media is a critical part of a company’s digital marketing strategy. Running a social media website will allow you to reach thousands of online customers, making it the perfect strategy to connect with the online target market and boost brand awareness.

If you run a social media website on the WordPress platform, you can greatly increase the functionality of your website through different plugins. However, with so many available plugins, selecting the one that’s best for your website can be difficult.

To make the task easier for you, here we have compiled a list of top six WordPress plugins for your social media website.


CometChat is an all in one chat solution that effortlessly integrates into your WordPress website allowing your users to connect with each other using features like real-time text chat, voice & video calling and conference, real-time translation and more.

Users can connect without boundaries using the real-time translate and real-time text chat features.

Users can also collaborate whilst staying on your website using collaboration tools increasing the time they spend on your website.

CometChat’s collaboration tools allow users to get all their work done without ever leaving your website.

CometChat’s communication and collaboration tools connect users on your website and help them achieve more whilst increasing user engagement and user retention on your website whereas the in-built monetization features help effectively bring in the revenue using something as simple as chat.

CometChat also comes with a power packed Administration Panel which gives you access to customization, moderation, analytical and monitorization tools allowing you to allows you to have control over CometChat and its features.

Control all of CometChat and its features with the Administration Panel

You can learn more about CometChat and how it can help your Social Media Website grow here.

Social Media Feather

Social Media Feather is a lightweight but feature-rich social media plugin. The WordPress plugin loads fast and features modern and clean look. With this plugin, you can add social sharing options on your website.

The plugin allows you to customize social icons on your website. You can easily add social sharing feature to all your webpages. This is one of the few social sharing plugins that supports high-resolution displays including 4K and Retina 5 screens.

Add social buttons with minimal efforts and simplicity

What sets this social media sharing plugin apart from others is the ease and simplicity of adding social buttons for sharing and following. The plugin supports sharing on different social media websites including LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, and others.

Events Manager

Events Manager is a full-featured plugin for WordPress social networking websites. With this plugin, you can add a special widget that allows users to opt-in for upcoming speaking events, parties, and more. The social event plugin will add an extra layer of interactivity to your social networking website.

This plugin supports easy registration for events. The start and end times are displayed along with the date and location of the event. It supports single day and recurring events. You can create events for both guests and registered members.

Customise and Manage how you display events on your website

The plugin has BuddyPress support. You can submit individual events, group events and more. Also, you can approve or reject requests and export the list to CVS. You can fully customize how the event is displayed on your social media website using this plugin.

WordPress Social Login

A lot of people don’t like to register using their email accounts. Some find it inconvenience to enter their email and password. Others don’t want to share their personal email accounts that is reserved for communicating with professional or close associates.

Allow users to login with the social account of their choice

With WordPress Social Login, you can allow online visitors to log in to your social media website using their popular social media accounts. Users can easily log in using their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, Instagram, and other connected accounts.

Using the plugin will make it more convenient for users to log in to your networking website. The plugin also supports modules such as contact manager, user manager, and BuddyPress component.

Instagram Feed

To keep users engaged on your networking website, you can use Instagram Feed plugin. This plugin displays phots on your Instagram account.

To display the photos, you need to generate access token. You can use the generated short code to display your feed on your social networking website. The feed can be displayed anywhere on your website including sidebar widgets.

Customise and create multiple feeds to display photos

By customizing the short code parameters, you can create multiple feeds. You can also use a single feed to display photos from multiple Instagram accounts.

Super Socializer

Super Socializer is yet another great social media plugin for your social media website. This plugin supports social login, social comments, and social share. The plugin is totally free, but certain features like social comments and notification require you to pay extra.

Add social login, comments and share to your social media website

The social media plugin can integrate with more than 90 social networking website. The plugin is also compatible with BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and bbPress. It supports strong user verification feature that reduces the risk of spamming and fake accounts.


The above-mentioned plugins help you create the perfect social media website whilst increase user engagement, user retention and driving monetization to your website helping you stay above the competition and continue growth.

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