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April 29, 2015
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    CakePHP is widely recognized as one of the most effective open source web application frameworks that can offer comprehensive architectural programming for development, maintenance, and deployment of PHP applications.

    CakePHP incorporates common design patterns to reduce development costs and the need to write codes without compromising flexibility, including ORM and MVC.


    If you are an avid CakePHP user, here are the top 6 CakePHP based Content Management Systems that can help you create a rich experience on your framework!

    6. Croogo

    Croogo is a CakePHP Powered CMS that is free and developed using the CakePHP MVC framework. Essentially an open source multilingual content management system, Croogo was released under the MIT License and allows developers to create personalized content like blogs, pages, nodes, and much more. You can also categorize the content using Taxonomy and can use the WYSIWYG Editor to edit your content conveniently from the browser.

    5. Wildflower

    Wildflower is another open source CMS and application platform developed using the CakePHP framework and jQuery JavaScript library. Another CMS under the MIT License, Wildflower is a standard base and user friendly CMS.

    4. OvenCMS

    OvenCMS is an open source CMS that is also developed on CakePHP framework and jQuery JavaScript library. OvenCMS is a comprehensively modularized CMS and has various plugins that can offer solutions to small sites, large online community sites, and even corporate applications.

    3. CupCake CMS

    CupCake CMS is an open source CMS developed using CakePHP framework. CupCake CMS is designed to offer web designers the benefit of using a simple and effective tool for content management of small to medium scale websites. CupCake CMS eliminates programming needs and its comprehensive user interface and WYSIWYG editor allows you to create and update content without having a working knowledge of HTML. Another benefit of CupCake CMS is that it is lightweight, allowing quick deployments. However, CupCake CMS is not designed for managing community based websites.

    2. Simpleflan

    Simpleflan is a flexible, open source CMS that is deemed as highly effective for designers. It can allow convenient management of portfolios and is a very clean UI despite boasting a lot of features. Simpleflan is developed for designers to manage projects, clients, categories, images, automatic image storing and resizing, and much more. Simpleflan is compatible with CakePHP 1.2, which makes it compatible with PHP4 and PHP5 as well.

    1. Capuchn

    Capuchn is an open source CMS developed on CakePHP framework and dojo JavaScript toolkit. It is primarily designed to be easy to use just like WordPress, but offers developers an extensive framework which can help in creating rich websites. Popular features in Capuchn include TinyMCE editor integration, full featured image gallery, elegant themes, MVC framework development, email client integration, single page, full ajax admin page, and email to post feature among others.

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