January 9, 2018

Top 5 WordPress Plugins for your online Marketplace

The rise of e-commerce has cast a significant slash in the efficacy and profitability of brick and mortar business stores. However, while the emergence of online marketplaces, in the form of e-commerce sites, has made the entire shopping experience a whole lot convenient for the users, it has also brought an exponential increase in the business competition.

Today, the success of your e-commerce business depends primarily on the user experience, as to how much you have made it convenient for your visitors to navigate through your website, browse through options and make the purchase without having to go through any complex procedures.

Here we sharing insight into the top WordPress plugins to optimize your e-commerce site and gain a competitive edge by offering a seamless and exceptional user experience.


Woocommerce is the most popular WordPress plugin for e-commerce sites and digital marketplaces. It is an all-inclusive plugin that offers you everything you need to establish a full-fledged business store in the cybersphere.

In spite of its extensive range of functionalities, the plugin still offers convenient installation and is easy to use and manage. WooCommerce has thousands of themes, add-ons, and extensions, free as well as premium, allowing you to play with your creativity and add unique elements to your e-commerce site.


Jigoshop set up a brand new marketplace for a couple of minutes by following a series of steps. It’s enhanced tools and control make it convenient for you to track operations, manage inventories and seek insights into customer data.

What makes the plugin unique from other plugins is the special reporting tools, that generate real-time alerts related to inventories, sales and other aspects of your online store.


Marketpress is a popular WPMU DEV plugin that offers a complete combo package of solutions for your online business store.

The plugin features smart tools for payments, checkouts, shopping carts and product browsing so that you do not need to install any other feature or supporting tools for your online store. Marketpress offers an enhanced personalization through its exclusive themes and styles.


Shopp is a premium plugin for WordPress e-commerce sites that features a variety of specific tools and specifications, specially tailored to cater to the specific operational needs of e-commerce sites.

The plugin creates a seamless shopping experience by integrating key functionalities such as product categories, listings, product search, shopping cart, confirmation, and checkout. This brings a greater value of efficiency and ensures a smooth, instant, and convenient shopping experience.

Shopp comes with an additional toolkit, featuring a variety of additional tools, offering more enhanced personalization and round-the-clock support for efficient maintenance.

Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads is a free WordPress plugin that comes with an extensive range of tools, add-ons and a premium and default range of themes.

While some tools are free and built-in by default, the plugin also has some value-adding tools offered at a feasible price, allowing you to pay only for the tool you need. This brings Easy Digital Downloads a superior advantage through optimized personalization capacity, which eventually makes it convenient for you to optimize your e-commerce site and make it stand out in the cybersphere.

The plugin features tools such as smart discount codes, an efficient shopping cart, and unlimited downloads.