Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Increase User Engagement

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August 14, 2017
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    It is not just about getting traffic; engaging your audience is also crucial for the success of a website.

    Website masters and digital marketers are always on a lookout for tools and strategies to engage genuine and qualified traffic and convert them into followers and subscribers.

    Here is an insight into top 5 WordPress plugins to optimize your user engagement.

    1. OptinMonster


    OptinMonster is a useful plugin that makes it convenient for you to convert one-time visitors into permanent followers. Since 70% of the traffic on a website constitutes random visitors who probably won’t visit your website again, OptinMonster helps you turn them into the email or newsletter subscribers.

    The plugin provides you intensive insights into user’s choices behaviors and activity on your site. Through this behavioral analysis, the plugin shows them a targeted and customized message, while they are about to abort browsing your site.

    This message works as a catalyst to trigger engagement and effectively brings the user into the pool of our email subscribers.

    2. KingSumo Headlines

    KingSumo Headlines

    Headlines is a popular premium plugin by KingSumo, available for download for $99. Since a headline makes the first impression of your post, the plugin makes it convenient for you to create great headlines, optimized to attract the interest of your audience and get them engaged.

    The plugin is also popular since it helped popular sites such as Huffington Post and Buzzfeed grow, through their compelling headlines. Once installed, the plugin works automatically and helps you choose catchy headlines for your content.

    3. Disqus


    User’s feedback, response, and comment make an important aspect of user engagement. However, since many websites require a long and tedious signup process, it revokes the interest of the audience and compels them to abort navigating the site, without dropping the comment.

    Disqus allows the users to signup using their email, disqus or social media profile and share posts, and leave comments and feedbacks on the website.

    4. Inline Related Posts

    Inline Related Posts

    Inline Related Posts is a useful plugin that effectively maximizes post hits, page views and the time your audience spends on your website.

    As the name suggests, it allows you to post the links to similar content on your website within the content a user is currently using. The plugin works particularly better with long articles, where users are already engaged, and offers them more of the similar content, in line with their interest.

    5. Atomic Engager

    Atomic Engager

    An on-point and compelling content is essential to attract your audience and get them engaged in sharing and leaving responses. No matter how attractive your website is and how well you have marketed it on digital sphere, it all comes down to your content that will make or break the deal for you.

    Atomic Engager, also known as Atomic Writer is a powerful plugin that makes it convenient for you to optimize your content for your targeted audience. The plug runs a check on your content, as you draft the post and highlights the weak, irrelevant or inappropriate areas that can be improved to amplify the strength of your content, thus maximizing its potential of engaging your audience’s interest.

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