Top 5 vBulletin Modifications that Improve its Functionality

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December 23, 2015
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    vBulletin is the leading community publishing software and forum in the world that has been around for more than a decade. Today, it serves as one of the most important communities for developers, webmasters, and admins alike, due to the maturity and stability that the platform boasts. Not just that, but it also boasts powerful admin and security features that provide responsiveness to more than 40,000 online communities.

    vBulletin modifications

    What makes vBulletin easy for someone looking to develop a powerful online community is the varying modifications that the platform boasts. However, the thousands of modifications available in vBulletin could actually be overwhelming, which is why we have chosen the top 5 mods that can add modern functionality.

    1. vBSocial 10 Any website or online community today needs to have social media integration to increase engagement, and vBsSocial 10 helps you do that with significant ease. The all new vBSocial 10 is sleeker and faster than ever before, offering full responsiveness on the web, mobile, and tablets. With 15 built-in themes that can be incorporated with the click of the mouse and complete customization, you can now get RSS feeds and notifications in style!
    2. Social Login Want to boost social media engagement on your vBulletin site even more? Then download the Social Login mod that allows users to login or register with your site using their social networking profiles. Social Login helps users connect to your site with more than 25 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Amazon, Blogger, and even Steam. More than 250,000 websites rely on Social Login and other great mods developed by OneAll, so make it a point to check it out!
    3. Mass Private Message Private messages can really become the icebreaker to create a sense of engagement between you and your website traffic. In this case, Mass Private Message is the ultimate mod to help you send private messages in bulk to those who have registered with your website. Whether you are planning to upgrade your website, introduce new features, or going through some technical difficulties, keeping your website traffic in the mix of things is always practical and often appreciated!
    4. Advanced Poll Options Did you ever feel that the standard polls in vBulletin are rather bland? Well, a lot of community members feel the same way, which is why this mod is here to save the day. Make your polls more interactive, engaging, and fun with Advanced Poll Options that can breathe some creativity and inspiration into surveys, polls, and quizzes that you create for your website audience. If you run a content focused or media website, then this mod will definitely meet your needs.
    5. CometChat Last but definitely one of the most advanced mods today is the CometChat which adds live chat functionality to your website. But that’s not all, you can now share your screen with your users, get involved in text, voice, and video chat, and the best of all, you can run it on just about everything from all desktop to mobile browsers. Available in 9 languages, this highly scalable mod is just what you need to turn your vBulletin website into a dynamic experience for your audience!

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