Top 5 Security Extensions for Your Joomla Website

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January 27, 2016
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    Whether you are a CMS developer, admin, or website owner, you know as a fact that good security features can make a world of difference for your website. As we all know by now, content management systems are always prone to threats from malicious software to cybercriminals. Hence, it cannot be emphasized enough that your website should have the top security plugins, extensions, or modifications that can protect its content, members, users, and database.

    Security extensions for Joomla

    Thankfully, Joomla has a wide number of security extensions that can change the way you think of Business Disaster Recovery (BDR). In fact, Joomla has one of the highest numbers of security extensions in CMS, which gives you all the more reason to equip your site with good backup, anti-spam, and antimalware protection. Let’s take a look at the top 5 security extensions you must have for your Joomla website. Note: Extensions listed in this blog feature both free and paid extensions. To find out more, click on the title of each extension!

    1. Akeeba Backup Akeeba Backup Core is one of the highest rated extensions on Joomla that lets you create site backups that can be restored on any server capable of running Joomla. Highly reliable and lightweight, Akeeba Backup is defined to provide convenience and reliability for your database. Create full backups in single archives and restore your site using AJAX to avoid any server timeouts, regardless of size!
    2. Admin Tools Admin Tools is a free extension that lets you automate important updates to your Joomla site, fix file and directory permissions, change database prefix, migrate links, and protect the admin directory with passwords. While the basic version is great and free, the Admin Tools Professional lets you do more by blocking IPs, integrating web application firewall, and much more!
    3. EasyCalcCheck Plus – ECC+ Protect your core Joomla forms and third party extensions with ECC+. This extension lets you integrate external anti-spam services like Akismet, Honeypot Project, and Google ReCaptcha. You can add arithmetic problems and questions for Captcha to keep spam at bay. It also protects you from local file inclusion and SQL injections, so your website remains spam free.
    4. Securitycheck Pro Securitycheck Pro is another top extension that lets you protect your website without actually having any effect on the server speed. With a user-friendly interface and various key features like web firewall, file manager, file integration, malware scanner, .Htaccess protection, geoblock, remote management, and vulnerability checker, you can rest assured that you are being backed by one of the leading security tools in all CMS.
    5. Email Protector Last we have the highly popular Email Protector, which has been rated as one of the easiest to use extensions with impressive functionality, despite being free. This extension helps you cloak all email addresses on your Joomla website, which makes it impossible for spambots to read them. You no longer have to worry about javascript issues and emails being exploited in your content pages!

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