Top 5 Responsive Templates for JomSocial 2018

JomSocial is the most popular online community extension for Joomla. You can create social media communities similar to that of Facebook with the extension.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

JomSocial is the most popular online community extension for Joomla. You can create social media communities similar to that of Facebook with the extension. A great thing about the JomSocial extension is that it supports a plethora of templates that enhance functionalities and style of a networking site.

Here, we take a look at five best templates for JomSocial that can transform a social networking site into a slick, professional, and responsive website.

JA Social II

JA Social II is a responsive template for JomSocial. You can transform your social networking site into a vibrant community with this template. The responsive template improves both the functionality and style of a social media site.

With the core of Bootstrap 3 and T3 Framework, JA Social II supports custom style and layout. You can configure the title and description of any page. In addition, the template allows creating a content block based on customized style and types, each with its own framework. The template supports JomSocial 3.0 and has the same system requirements.


JSN Neon

JSN Neon is yet another great responsive template for JomSocial. The template follows minimalism style with a clean and organized layout. This great template boasts of built-in SEO tools such as SEO for Source Ordering, Top H1 tab, and Website title. These tools allow you to optimize the site for search engines, resulting in improved online visibility.

Another great thing about JSN Neon is that it supports K2 Blog Styling. Millions of users use the K2 blog styling that supports responsive blog creation right from your social networking site. The template also features beautiful typography for headings, link styles, text styles, and table styles with dozens of predefined icons.


JF Business

JF Business is a free responsive JomSocial template. The template features professionally styled toolbar menus and layout. This template is built on Gantry Framework that boasts of powerful module position layouts. You can select from among 88 different layouts all of which are customizable using the Joomla Template Manager.

JF Business template supports unlimited colors allowing you to perfectly customize the social media website. The template supports videos, Ajax, iframes, and more. It is a full-fledged media lightbox that can upgrade the look and feel of your social networking site.



If you want to give a clean and elegant look to your JomSocial social networking site, you should consider Uneedo. The template has a lot of options to customize your site. It supports unlimited color styles and flexible columns and widths.

This template is great for both social networking and regular sites. The responsive template ** supports more than 50 module positions and over 60 admin options.** It supports both K2 Blog and Junena forum styling. Also, the template supports portfolio gallery and multiple page layout combinations.


IT Community 2

IT community 2 is yet another responsive template for JomSocial. The templates support both JomSocial 2 and 3. Unique and creative designs give a spectacular look to any JomSocial social media site. The responsive template can give a youthful, vibrant, and playful look to your site.


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