August 1, 2017

Top 5 PHP Plugins for Social Engine

Social Engine revolutionized the world – it granted users the ability to create personalized online communities. Additional plug-ins that vastly expand the functionality of Social Engine, enabling users to share music, host blogs, create online polls, use instant messaging services to name a few things. Here is a list of the top 5 trending Social Engine plug-ins.

1. Social Media Login Plug-in

Social Media Login Plug-in

The plug-in allows users to register with your website using their social media accounts, saving you the hassle of verifying the authenticity of a user signup. It simplifies the registration process for your customer base, allowing you to increase your reach significantly. If the provider allows you access to the user’s email, then this ensures that you get authentic email addresses.

2. Multi Currency / Currency Switcher Plug-in

Multi Currency, Currency Switcher Plug-in

Prices of event tickets, listing types and any other items with a monetary value displayed in a currency foreign to the given user, can dissuade traffic from your website. Customers would always feel more at ease if they can see the pricing of the product / service you offer in a currency that they use, as they would no longer have to perform the conversion from foreign currency to local currency. That is what the Multi Currency / Currency Switcher Plug-in does. The plug-in can display any number of currencies that you choose for your website. Users will have the option of viewing product / service prices in any of the chosen currencies. You will always have the option of deciding the currency in which you would want to be paid. Simultaneously, users will also be able to decide the currency they want to see. Exchange rates can be set by you.

3. Responsive Expose Theme

Responsive Expose Theme

This is a plug-in that allows you to build blogs, magazines (e-zines), or news articles using Social Engine. The design options provided are extremely attractive and its features are very simple to use. It is completely customizable with 9 design schemes already provided.

4. GIF Player Plug-in

GIF Player Plug-in

Using animated GIF images has now become the norm. Companies with an online presence and social media presence are increasingly using animated GIFs to capture the attention of potential consumers. To optimize the usage, this plug-in allows you to stop and play GIFs on your website. The advantage that the plug-in offers is that it allows you to initially load a thumbnail version of the GIF and then, upon clicking, bring up the actual image. This obviously decreases the time it takes to initially load your website. You can also set up the trigger for the GIF, i.e. whether it should be activated by clicking it or simply passing the mouse cursor over it.

5. Crowd-funding / Fundraising / Donations Plug-in


If you have a great business idea, it’s time to think about how you’re going to secure that initial investment. Crowd-funding is a means of financing that is becoming more and more popular, as it allows any project to acquire funding from all over the world. Hence, the tiniest of amounts contributed collectively can result in significant financing being acquired quickly now. Social Engine now has a plug-in specifically built to allow you to raise funds through crowd-funding. The plug-in will allow you to easily erect a crowd funding platform through which you can constantly engage with your investors and keep track of the investment being made in your project.