Top 5 Lead Generation Plugins for WordPress 2018

Lead generation is an important part of any online business. Without targeted and effective lead generation strategies, you will have difficulty in getting your site discovered, and interacting with potential customers.

The task of lead generation can be made easy with a WordPress website plugin. Here we have listed five best plugins that can assist you in your lead generation task.

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot offers a free marketing plugin for WordPress websites. The HubSpot marketing plugin offers dozens of lead generation features. You can use the plugin for generating and monitoring leads. The free plugin lets you create an e-mail list and monitor user online visitor behavior.

Lead generation dashboard allows you to see the efforts of your digital marketing campaigns. The plugin also has tools to help you capture and convert leads. By adding the plugin to your WordPress website, you can gain access to free Sales and CRM tools. The plugin allows you to build and manage effective lead generation campaigns without any expert help. The best thing about this plugin is that it’s 100 percent responsive and mobile friendly.



OptinMonster boasts of exceptional lead generation features. This plugin for WordPress websites allows you to create online popups that can help capture leads. The exception “Exit Intent” technology of the plugin allows you to monitor website visitors. The plugin will create a popup just as the visitors are leaving the site.

You can create high quality, non-intrusive popups using this plugin. The plugin allows you to create the popups within minutes that generally takes hours to create manually. With this plugin, you can also carry on advance page level targeting through A/B testing, e-mail integration, and more. Price of the basic version is $9 per month while the professional version costs $29 per month.


Product Enquiry

Product Enquiry is yet another great lead generation plugin. This plugin is perfectly compatible with WordPress. You can use the plugin to identify and capture hot leads that are closest to the sales funnel. You can use the plugin to capture lots of leads that can be fed into the sales funnel.

The plugin allows you to set up a quotation button on your website. Customers can send custom quote and inquire about the offer. This is a unique and effective way to generate leads. Price of this plugin is $49 for a single website and $179 for unlimited sites.


Lead Pages

Another great lead generation plugin for WordPress is Lead Pages. Apart from your website, this plugin allows you to generate leads through emails, popups, text integration, and social media. You can build responsive landing pages that can help capture leads.

The plugin is more than a WordPress extension as it supports over 130 free pre-made templates. You can integrate the templates with Facebook and major e-mail providers. A unique feature of the plugin is that it supports checking pops meaning you can generate lead and convert at the same time. The price of the plugin starts at $25 per month and goes up to $199 per month.


Content Upgrade

Lastly, Content Upgrade is yet another great lead generation plugin for WordPress website. This plugin capture leads and creates e-mail lists. The paid plugin will help you create content specific bonuses in your articles that your reader just can’t reject. Pricing of this plugin starts at $47 per month.

The lead generation plugins listed here can make the task of getting your website discovered online easier for you. You will be able to generate qualified leads that can be entered into the sales funnel. The built-in optimization tools of the plugins will help you collect leads, grow your business and boost profitability.