Top 5 Joomla Extensions for your Marketplace Website

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June 12, 2018
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    Joomla has gained immense popularity in the eCommerce marketplace. The platform has robust features that allow business owners to target a large number of online audience and increase revenues. In order to get the most benefit from the platform, you need to install effective Joomla extensions.

    In this post, we have compiled a list of top five Joomla extensions for your marketplace website. These extensions can enhance the features of your Joomla website thereby providing users with a positive user experience.


    CometChat is an all in one chat solution that adds chat to your Joomla website.

    In a Marketplace setting CometChat enables Buyer-Seller to chat on your website and a simple “Chat with seller” button right beside the product, listing allows the user to initiate a one on one chat conversation with the seller. CometChat and its features now allow the buyer to have a better experience and a fluid buying process.

    Buyers can connect with sellers using the “Chat with seller” button

    Buyers can initiate a chat with a seller using the “Chat with Seller” button, they can then clear queries, ask questions about the product, share pictures and invoices and also bargain prices, making the buying process Faster, Transparent and more Convenient.

    Buyers chat with Sellers in real-time using the text chat feature

    You can learn more about CometChat on Marketplace websites and apps here.


    EShop is a responsive extension for Joomla eCommerce website. The extension provides a lot of good features that are important for a successful online store. The multi-faceted search functionality and the easy customization makes it a popular marketplace extension.

    EShop allows you control and customise your website with its easy to use dashboard

    The extension is based on the standard MVC structure that makes it compatible with most Joomla websites. After installing the extension on your website, you will be able to add products and accept orders. There are unlimited multi-level categories and product options.

    EShop gives you the option to edit multiple pages and elements within the website.

    Online catalog features include customizable images, quote cart mode, product reviews and ratings, and Wishlist. The shopping cart extension also supports mini cart module, one-page checkout, and gift voucher support.


    Another great Joomla extension for an e-commerce site is HikaShop. This plugin provides a range of tools for managing and marketing your online site. The plugin supports advanced taxes, currencies, and languages for international sales.

    Hika Shop offers customisation features that allow you to customise according to your preference.

    The extension offers customization features that allow you to customize according to your preference. You can create an unlimited number of categories and products. Also, you can optimize your site for search engine ranking by adding canonical URLs, metadata, microdata, and Open Graph.

    With this extension installed, you can offer downloadable digital content. Also, you can offer advanced pricing options with multiple currencies and rebates. The extensive supports online reviews and integration with jomComment and JComments.

    K2 Store

    K2 Store is a flexible shopping cart Joomla extension for your marketplace website. This extension allows you to sell digital and physical goods. The main features of the Joomla extension include responsive mobile-friendly design, unlimited product, and multiple currency options.

    The one page checkout promotes easier and faster checkouts.

    A noteworthy feature of this Joomla extension is the one page check out. This is a highly useful option that is expensive on most other e-commerce components. Also, the plugin is fast and allows smooth navigation.

    The extension is incredibly easy to use and install. You can install the shopping cart free of charge. The how-to guides and documentation are free. However, you need to pay a small sum if you want online support.


    JooCommerce is a powerful extension for an eCommerce website. The extension can greatly increase the functionality of eCommerce websites. The fast, easy-to-use, and modern shopping cart supports selling both physical and virtual goods.

    Joo-Commerce creates fast, modern and easy to use marketplace websites.

    The e-commerce extension supports product variations and multiple price options. The backend of the extension is HTML5 that results in seamless and simple operation for users. It can integrate with popular payment options including PayPal and Stripe.


    All of these extensions create a highly personalized and trustworthy experience and can be the edge your Joomla marketplace website needs to stand out and grow ahead of the competition.

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