Top 5 BuddyPress Plugins For a Successful and Engaged Community

BuddyPress is the perfect platform to create a social community on your WordPress website. It is easy to install, customizable and is constantly being updated.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

BuddyPress is the perfect platform to create a social community on your WordPress website. It is easy to install, customizable and is constantly being updated.

Although BuddyPress has the minimal hygiene features that can help you create a community, but it alone isn’t enough to keep your users engaged.

This article will introduce you to the top 5 BuddyPress Plugins to help maintain the engagement and interaction required to grow a successful community website.


CometChat is a power-packed, all in one chat solution for your BuddyPress Website. It comes with a dedicated BuddyPress Plugin that can integrate with any BuddyPress website with minimal effort in under 10 minutes.

Once integrated, your users get access to plethora of engaging features like real-time text chat, voice & video calling and conference, real-time translation and more.

Apart from the basic chat functionalities, CometChat also enables your users to collaborate with each other using features like Whiteboard and Writeboard. From sketching ideas on a virtual board to creating/working on a collaborative document, CometChat takes care of all the engaging aspects of conversation.

A power-packed Administration Panel gives access to customization, moderation, analytical and monetization tools. You can easily customize the software according to your product needs and theme.

Not just that, CometChat offers some exclusive features like Role Based Access Control and Credit Deduction.

You can learn more about CometChat and how it can increase user engagement on your website here.

WordPress Social Login

A lot of your potential users may not want to register using their personal email accounts for some it’s a mere inconvenience to enter their email and password. Some users may not want to share their personal emails.

WordPress Social Login allows users to log in to your social media website using their popular social media accounts. Users can easily log in using their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, Instagram, and other connected accounts.

WordPress Social Login makes it more convenient for users to log in to your networking website making it easier for them to log in and return more often to your website.

BuddyBoss Wall

BuddyBoss Wall adds a Facebook-like wall to your BuddyPress Website. It allows users to add posts, like and comment on their friend’s posts. It also allows users to write on each other’s profiles, increasing user interaction and engagement.

BuddyBoss also has multiple customizations and privacy options allowing your users to edit and customize BuddyBoss according to their preference.

BuddyPress Featured Members

BuddyPress Featured Members is a rather unique Plugin which allows site admins to showcase your their active users as featured users.

Admins can create competitions, events and the users who win can be featured on the website, creating engagement and making sure that your users keep coming back to your website.

BuddyPress Featured Members is easy to install and extremely customizable making sure that it fits perfectly into your BuddyPress Website.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed allows your users to display pictures from their Instagram Accounts. This gives users a platform to display and share more content on their profile, further keeping them engaged.

Instagram Feed is super simple to set up and completely customizable, users can also display photos from multiple Instagram accounts at the same time.

Take Away…

All of the above Plugins easily integrate into your BuddyPress Website and create the perfect platform for your community to stay engaged and further grow, Plugins like CometChat also ensure user retention and create monetization opportunities within your website making sure that you stay above the competition and continue to grow.

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