Top 4 Interactive Bots to Level Up Your Customer Engagement

Chatbots are the new face of virtual customer service. They have made it convenient for businesses to instantly interact with their customer, at any time of the day.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Chatbots are the new face of virtual customer service. They have made it convenient for businesses to instantly interact with their customer, at any time of the day. Chatbots can be conveniently integrated into your website, social media handles or instant messengers, and effectively record and respond to the customer’s queries and feedbacks.

It is due to this instant and real-time interaction that businesses are jumping onto the chatbot bandwagon and transforming the way they connect with their audience. Here’s an overview of some smart and interactive chatbot platforms where you can create and launch a customized chatbot for your business.

1. Swelly

People love to interact online and are always on a lookout for ideas, reviews, and suggestions online. Swelly, the interactive bot, makes it convenient for you to chat and interact with your friends online and helps people in making decisions.

Swelly creates closed-ended polls, and seeks user reviews by asking them questions (also called as swells) with two choice options, as in A or B. For instance, it might ask you whether you prefer red or black, heels or flats, loose curls or a neat bun, or pasta or hamburger.

This user-friendly and interactive interface as proved to be of an immense benefit for businesses who can conveniently engage their customers, seek instant feedbacks and reviews and get a realistic insight into their needs and expectations.

2. is an efficient and unique platform that allows businesses to create smart and interactive chat bots for your businesses. What distinguishes from other bot creators is that it is completely automatic and requires no coding or programming to set up, create and manage you chat bot. You can either create your own bot or get one from hundreds of ready-to-use bots available in directory. has taken the interaction between the user and the bot to a whole new level. It allows the users to interact using GIFs, provides accurate weather reports, can conduct polls, fetched reviews, helps decide on a restaurant, book an Uber or fix an appointment. With such extensive services, can be a smart and efficient personal assistant.


MEOKAY is one of the top-notch platforms to create an interactive chat bot, that can be rendered as a smart messenger bot, for it enhanced features. MEOKAY’s chat bot creating process entails a graduated series of steps that is fully automatic and does not involve long codes, programming, and syntaxes.

This makes it convenient for developers as well as non-developers to create interactive chat bots for their sites without any hassle, within a couple of minutes. The tool allows you to enhance and personalize your conversations by incorporating advanced dialogues and chat scenarios.

Upon completion of the process, you can conveniently connect the chat bot with your website and launch it to interact with your customers and audience.

4. MobileMonkey

As the name goes, MobileMonkey is a conversational chat bot that can engage users into instant and real-time messaging. MobileMonkey creates ‘Artificially Intelligent’ chatbots that can be integrated into your Facebook business profile. MobileMonkey makes it convenient for you to create instant messages, automatically, without having to go through the exasperating hauls of coding or programming.

It is a simple program that is equally beneficial for all businesses, whether it the market giant or an incubating business venture. What’s more is that it is absolutely free and allows you to get started instantly.

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