Top 10 Modules for Drupal You Must Have

Drupal is one of three leading CMS today along with WordPress and Joomla that are changing the way we interact, share our ideas, and do business online. Since January 2014, more than 1 million people [https://www.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Drupal is one of three leading CMS today along with WordPress and Joomla that are changing the way we interact, share our ideas, and do business online. Since January 2014, more than 1 million people have been using Drupal on a weekly basis, showing how viable the CMS has become for bloggers, SMEs, corporations, and nonprofits.

To add functionality and features to your Drupal site, you will have to install and set up modules that help you achieve your targeted goals. Here’s a look at the top 10 Drupal modules you must have for a successful site!

  1. Strongarm Strongarm gives the site builder permissions to override default variable values. This provides the site builder or developer with an API and limited UI on which the admin experience can be improved. Best Feature: Allows site builders and developers to customize how the admin site works. Our Rating: 4/5

  2. SMTP Authentication Support SMTP Authentication Support enables you to bypass PHP mail() function and send emails to the SMTP server. Developers and site builders will love this, and a Drupal 8 compatible version is also available. Best Feature: Can connect to servers via SSL if PHP supported. Our Rating: 4/5

  3. Modernizr The Modernizr module lets you leverage on web technologies by writing conditional CSS and JavaScript to support different features for different browsers or to enhance the look and appeal of your website easily. Best Feature: You don’t really have to be a code guru to write CSS and JavaScript. Our Rating: 5/5

  4. Honeypot The Honeypot module lets you use timestamp and honeypot methods to deter spam bots from unleashing hell on your posts and pages. Honeypot is more effective against spam bots and not intrusive as compared to CAPTCHA. Best Feature: Highly responsive and doesn’t penalize you like other timestamp methods. Our Rating: 5/5

  5. Social Share and Vote Button Module for Drupal If you run a blog, content website, or want to increase community engagement, this module is the perfect choice for you. You won’t find as many social networks integrated into a simple and easy to use module. Best Feature: Share across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more while hosting fun polls! Our Rating: 4/5

  6. Ubercart Want to turn your Drupal site into an e-commerce site? Let Ubercart help you get a full feature online store with shopping cart, payment integration, and promotional strategies. Flatize and iShopping use Ubercart, and so should you! Best Feature: Light module, easy to use, and feature-packed! Our Rating: 5/5

  7. Fivestar Want to know what people think about your posts? Use Fivestar and add a 5-star scale to all content you post. This lets you discover what works best and what needs improvement from your readers! Best Feature: Adds another invaluable metric to your blog performance! Our Rating: 5/5

  8. Media Media module is a great module that allows you to manage multimedia files and assets from your site as well as third-party sites. Best Feature: It’s the file browser for the internet. Our Rating: 5/5

  9. Meta tags quick Quickly add meta title and descriptions so that robots can reward you with improved search engine rankings with Meta tags quick! Best Feature: Climb the SEO ladder in the easiest way possible Our Rating: 4/5

  10. Google Analytics Are you a webmaster? If yes then Google Analytics should go toe to toe with you on the internet to see just how popular your website is and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns! Best Feature: Ideal for bloggers, SMEs, and even corporations! Our Rating: 5/5

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