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January 17, 2019
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    I am absolutely thrilled to announce that CometChat has been selected for the Techstars Boulder Accelerator Program! It gives us immense pride to be the First Indian Startup to be selected into the 3 months long Techstars Boulder program.

    With Techstars acceptance rates being less than 1%, this is a really big milestone for CometChat. Techstars Boulders is one of the most proficient accelerator programs out there, aimed at solving problems of businesses and building the best companies from the inside out, from founders to leadership teams, to the company and their community. Their alumni include companies like Sendgrid, DigitalOcean and Sphero.

    As part of the program, Techstars will incubate the company in its US location. Under the program, CometChat will have access to Techstars resources such as mentors, financial and infra resources for life. This would include access to Techstars network of more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, 2,700 investors and 1200 alumni companies. There is no doubt in my mind that with access to such a wealth of talent and product wisdom will help make our product immensely useful for the developer community. There is precedence- Digital Ocean & SendGrid have become some the most popular tools in a developer’s toolkit after they graduated from Techstars Boulder.

    Wait, there is more…

    This news coincides with our reimagining of CometChat into two product variants – CometChat Go & CometChat Pro. CometChat Go (our current product) is a plug-n-play chat solution for ready-to-use software platforms such as WordPress, BuddyPress, SocialEngine and more. Whereas, CometChat Pro offers highly scalable & modular Chat SDKs & APIs for developers. Apart from saving hundreds of developer hours for adding voice, video & text chat in mobile apps and websites, CometChat Pro helps developers create a custom chat experience using their own preferred tech stack and programming language.

    As the decision making power has gradually shifted from the CIOs of companies to developers there is a booming market of B2D (Business to Developer) startups emerging looking to empower developers and catch a pie of the growing developer mind space. We have always had a developer-centric mindset and this is reflected in our product philosophy. We hope to help developers in every stage of the learning curve, beginner to expert, implement real-time chat & HD voice/video calling in their apps.

    I believe we are at the cusp of a big milestone in the journey of CometChat. While on one hand, the Techstars program will help us enter the US market and establish corporate channels and expand our presence in a big way, on the other hand, rolling out CometChat Pro and CometChat Go, will ensure we are ready for highly evolved and quality obsessed customers.

    Moving forward, we plan to be quite active in the developer community by contributing and dialogue. Various things are underway to meet, converse and educate developers around the world. We want to leave a lasting impression in their minds as a voice that speaks for them and a product that works for them. Growing the community will transform us from our humble bootstrap roots to a growth-focused enterprise.

    For us, our mission is clear- If you need chat in your app, think CometChat!


    Anant Garg
    Founder, CometChat

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