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October 22, 2020

Harsha Patil

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    ~Team work makes the dream work

    We understand managing and coordinating with your team members could be an absolute hassle for you to get your team on speed.
    No more worries anymore! We are very excited to launch a team management feature to improve productivity and collaboration with your team.

    Let's explore the features of team management

    Firstly, login to CometChat Dashboard and follow the steps below

    • Choose your app
    • Go to settings >> select team
    • Explore features for collaboration with your team

    1. Invite Collaborators

    You have a large team and have many applications to handle. You definitely need more hands working together. That's the time you invite your team to start collaborating and start working together.

    To invite collaborators to your team, follow the steps below on visiting the team page on CometChat Dashboard

    • Click on button to invite a collaborator
    • Update their email id
    • Choose a role for your collaborator
    • Send an invite to collaborator

    2. Accept invitation

    Once the app owner/admin has invited you to collaborate

    • You need to accept the invitation sent on email
    • Login/sign up on CometChat Dashboard
    • Select the app to start collaboration with your team

    3. Leave Collaboration

    There might be a situation when you no longer need access to the app or have any contribution to the app. You may choose to leave collaboration. To leave collaboration, follow the steps below

    • Click on leave collaboration
    • Confirm that you wish to leave collaborating

    On confirmation to leave collaboration, you will no longer have access to the app.

    4. Change Collaborator's Role

    On being an app owner/ admin, you can change the role of collaborator's in your team. If you wish too, then

    • Click on edit option under Role section
    • Change the collaborator's role to Admin/Moderator/ Developer depending on the role they play in your team

    5. Transfer ownership of your application

    If you're the owner of any app. You can transfer ownership of your app to any team member by following these steps

    • Select collaborator whom you wish to transfer ownership and click on make app owner
    • The collaborator will be sent an email that he is now owner of the app transferred to him and holds all privileges of the app

    6. Access control depending on roles in your team

    We understand different roles have different responsibilities hence we are providing access to different features on the dashboard to help you coordinate with your team better

    Feature availability

    Team Management feature is available only for Moon, Planet and Nebula Plans

    To explore team management feature,

    Sign in/ Sign up on CometChat dashboard

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