CometChat Partners With Tapatalk!

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June 25, 2015
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    **We have partnered with Tapatalk, world’s leading app for online forums, to bring chat to the Tapatalk app! Yes, your site users can now chat directly from the Tapatalk app! **

    Enjoy chatting on the web & the Taptalk app!

    If you have CometChat & Tapatalk in your forum, then your users can now chat from the browser and directly within the Tapatalk app!

    TapaTalk New

    How will it benefit me?

    1. Strengthen community bonding by increasing interaction among the users in your forum 2. Boost your user retention with the help of our push notifications feature. Keep users engaged in conversations and coming back for more!
    Instant PM Mobile

    What features will my users be offered?

    Real-Time messages Enable your users to chat with each other in real-time and keep the conversations flowing Emojis Express better by using Emojis in conversations Image Sharing Share images with members in the forum, easily and quickly Cross-Platform Chat from whenever and whenever! Your users will be able to seamlessly chat in the desktop browser and the Tapatalk app Push Notifications Get push notifications within the Tapatalk app on your smartphone whenever you receive message Safe and Secure Block/unblock unwanted users and stop receiving messages from them

    Signup now!

    Enjoy the combined power of CometChat and Tapatalk and enable your users to chat using your site and through Tapatalk. Step 1: Add CometChat to your site Step 2: Join Tapatalk Step 3: Click on the button below! Signup for beta

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