SMF 2 Ready Integration and APE Server Transport Update

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August 30, 2011
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    SMF 2 Ready Integration

    CometChat now integrates seamlessly with SMF v2+. Our seamless integration includes:

    Automatic User Login Your users are logged into CometChat as soon as they login to SMF. No confusing separate login.

    Friends list synchronization CometChat automatically integrates with your SMF users’ friends list. In the “Who’s Online” list, users will see their SMF friends. If you are running a small site, then you can always choose to show all online users instead.

    User Profiles CometChat allows users to quickly visit SMF profiles by clicking on the user’s name while chatting.

    User Avatars CometChat will display the SMF user’s avatar in the Who’s Online list and while chatting.

    Excited? Purchase CometChat for SMF today! Or learn more about SMF integration.

    APE Server Transport Update

    We have updated our APE server transport which resolves issues with Internet Explorer 9. The update also fixes miscellaneous issues that caused connection problems. When installing APE server, be sure to use the master copy.

    If you have already purchased the APE server transport, simply create a support ticket to download this new version.

    If this is the first time you are hearing about APE server transport, here are answers to some common questions:

    What is APE Server transport? Why should I use it? Before we answer this question, you must try and understand how CometChat works. By default, CometChat uses a technology known as smart-polling i.e. CometChat will poll your server every 3-12 seconds to check for new messages.

    By using APE Server, you can reduce this polling to once every 60 seconds (thus reducing load on your server) and leverage the APE server technology to check for new messages in near real-time (thus speeding up message delivery).

    APE Server transport are configuration files which we offer if you wish to connect CometChat with an APE server.

    Why APE Server and not BeaconPush, Pusher and CometService? The advantage of using APE server is that your solution is completely self-hosted and you do not rely on any third-party servers. The downside is that you will need to install and manage the APE server entirely on your own.

    What is the cost of the transport? Where can I purchase? We charge a one-time fee of $199 for the configuration files. If you would like to purchase, click here.

    This sounds too complicated. Do you have something easy to reduce server load and increase speed of delivery? Yes, we offer CometService for as low as $9/month. CometService can be activated directly from your CometChat Administration Panel.

    Still confused? Ask us a question.

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