September Update: Enhanced Restful API, Custom Contacts & More

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October 3, 2018
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    At CometChat we are always upgrading and updating our products to ensure that we provide you with the best chat solution available in the market.

    On that note let us showcase our recent developments.

    Role based access control mobile compatibility

    CometChat’s inbuilt monetization tools allow you to effectively monetize your website & app chat and generate revenue whilst users chat without any additional marketing efforts.

    Our Role based access control feature which allows you to grant access to certain features to a particular category of users is now compatible with our updated Android and iOS Mobile app and SDK.

    You can read more about how Role based access control helps pull in the additional revenue for your website/app chat .

    Custom Contacts display

    Keeping up with CometChat’s customization functionalities, it now allows you to customize the “contacts” list with custom contacts depending on your website/app’s user database.

    You can now display user lists as per your website/app’s use case preference. For eg. If you run a healthcare consultation website, you can customise CometChat to show only patient lists to doctors and only doctor lists to patients. Essentially implying, doctors can only chat with patients and patients can only chat with doctors.

    Some more examples of the same can be:

    E-learning Websites: On an E-learning website, the contacts list can be customized so that students can view and chat with only teachers and similarly teachers can view and chat with only students.

    Marketplace Websites: On Marketplace websites, the contact list can be customized to ensure that buyers can view just sellers and sellers are able to view just buyers.

    This ensures that your platform stays clear of unnecessary conversations and spams.

    Initials for empty user avatars

    Your user’s empty avatars will now be replaced with the initials of their name and can be replaced with the perfect picture whenever they wish for the same.

    You can explore this and other CometChat features on our live demo.

    Enhanced Restful APIs

    We have recently updated and upgraded our Restful APIs to ensure that developers have easy access to CometChat and its features.

    Our most recent Restful API helps you manage user data whilst maintaining their privacy and complying with GDPR regulations. You can further manage groups, send announcements, moderate users and more with our new Restful APIs

    That’s all for now, stay tuned for further updates, upgrades and more..

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