How to Send Messages With the JavaScript Chat SDK

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June 1, 2022

Swahani Roy

Developer Adrian Twarog demos how to send messages with the CometChat JavaScript Chat SDK.

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    In today’s digital world, innovation is undoubtedly changing our traditional ways of doing things. The business world has witnessed tremendous technological changes over the years. Gone are the days when you had to develop every feature from scratch — designing, building, and testing — often for weeks or months before launch. But now, an SDK can accelerate your speed to develop and market applications, simultaneously offering benefits that are difficult to enjoy when building from scratch.

    [If you’re still confused on whether to build a chat application from scratch or buy a chat API, our comprehensive article on build vs. buy comparison will help you make the right decision.]

    In this tutorial, Australian designer and developer Adrian Twarog will walk you through how to send messages with the CometChat JavaScript Chat SDK. You’ll learn how to send plain text messages, customized messages, and media messages. Additionally, you’ll study how to add metadata to messages including tags, alongside uploading media content like photos, audio or video files. Finally, this video tutorial will explore how to create custom messages where you can send unique data of your choice, including location-based latitude and longitude.

    Before sending your first message, you will need to install CometChat dependencies, setup the configuration, and initialize it with our application ID.

    Check out the complete video tutorial by Adrian Twarog below:

    If you found this tutorial helpful in getting you up and running with the JavaScript setup for sending different types of messages, you can start building your JavaScript chat app for free by creating an account with CometChat (no credit card required!). Before proceeding, we recommend that all developers and readers first go through the JavaScript SDK documentation to understand the basics of the JavaScript Chat SDK. In addition, try building your own chat application by adding other features as mentioned in the documentation to jumpstart your build.

    Hopefully, this video tutorial will answer most of your questions regarding how to send messages using the CometChat JavaScript SDK. You’ll be able to save an incredible amount of time by integrating the Chat SDK into your website or application, thereby creating a seamless in-app chat experience.

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    In our next video tutorial, we will take a look at receiving messages using the JavaScript chat SDK. If you don’t want to miss out on more such exciting videos, subscribe to the CometChat YouTube channel!

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