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August 21, 2012
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    Screen sharing plugin now works with Adobe FMS

    We have updated our screensharing plugin so you can use Adobe FMS server instead of RED5 server. Earlier you could use only RED5 which required some skills (or an external developer) to install. Now, if you do not wish to take the effort to self-host a RED5 server, you can simply subscribe at Influxis for an Adobe FMS server.

    With this release, all our plugins (screensharing, whiteboard and audio/video chat) can be configured to use either RED5 or Adobe FMS. Detailed installation instructions are available in our documentation.

    Note that audio/video chat, by default, uses our own servers and does not require any additional server. But we provide this option for customers who wish to use their own servers.

    Theme Helper

    We have received a lot of requests for assistance with the theme variables. To make it easier to modify the look and feel of CometChat, we have created a simple theme helper which tells you which variable modifies which part of the theme.

    Check out our theme helper today and create your own custom theme with ease!

    End-user manuals

    Your end users may need guidance on how to use CometChat. With so many features, it may be difficult for some users to understand all the functionality. We have added PDFs which you can download for free and provide to your site users.

    Select your edition and download the end-user manual for your users now!

    Answers – Quicker troubleshooting!

    We have added a new section which helps quickly answer your most common queries before you create a support ticket or look around in our community forums.

    Head over to Answers for all your CometChat troubleshooting/customization needs.

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