Role Based Access & Brand New SDK Architecture in CometChat 6.7

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August 14, 2017
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    CometChat’s latest version includes a new feature that lets you restrict CometChat for your certain user roles! Read on to learn more about what CometChat 6.7 has to offer.

    Role Based Access Control

    Role Based Access Control

    CometChat’s new role-based access control (RBAC) helps you grant access to certain features to a particular category of users. If your site/app has different user roles, you can now easily restrict CometChat features for each role, offering your users a personalized experience.

    It’s really simple- First select the role for which you want to restrict CometChat features to.

    Then select the features you want to restrict for that role!

    Restrict CometChat in many ways for every user role-

    1. Complete CometChat (e.g. Disable CometChat for your free users)
    2. A particular feature (e.g. Disable Voice & Video Chat for your free users)
    3. A particular platform (e.g. Disable free users to login via Mobile)

    So for every role, you can restrict CometChat features, platforms as well as the entire CometChat. Say you have Free and Premium Member Roles. Then you can use our new RBAC feature to provide more functionality to your Premium Members compared to your Free Members! Role Based Access Control makes it super easy for you to incentivise your users to pay for your Premium plans.

    We are launching with out-of-the-box RBAC support for WordPress and BuddyPress. So CometChat will automatically sync with your WordPress/BuddyPress User Roles and allow you to enable/disable features for them.

    Over the next few minor releases, we will be adding RBAC support in our Mobile Apps. We will also be adding compatibility for more Web Technologies (Integrations). If your Web Technology (Integration) supports user roles and we haven’t yet added support for it, please feel free to contact us.

    SDK With Source Code for UI

    Mobile Chat SDK for iOS and Android With Source Code for UI

    In the last blog, we had mentioned that our new SDK for Android which includes a complete source code for our UI, was in beta testing. That’s not all, our new SDK enables you to expand the CometChat functionality by easily building on top of our existing UI. (To know more about this feature take a look at our previous post). We are happy to announce that the SDK will be out-of-beta in the next minor release. We will also be releasing our new beta iOS SDK with Source Code for UI shortly.

    Get CometChat v6.7

    CometChat PHP (Self-Hosted)

    Get our latest chat software & experience a phenomenal increase in the time spent by your users on your site and app.

    Get CometChat v6.7

    Already have CometChat? Download CometChat or purchase our installation service if you would like us to perform the upgrade.

    CometChat Cloud

    Version 6.7 is live for all CometChat Cloud customers. However, Role Based Access Control feature will be live within the next few minor releases.

    Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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