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December 15, 2020

Harsha Patil

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    React to messages on enabling reactions extension

    Messaging is a great way to communicate with just one person or with a group of people. Now, we’re introducing a new feature that improves group conversations and makes them more fun and useful.

    Reaction to messages

    The ability to react to an individual message with a specific emotion, quickly showing acknowledgment or expressing how you feel when you read or see a message
    For example, if someone shares a funny message, you could respond to them with a laughing out loud smiley reaction or, when someones requesting you to perform a task, you could use a reaction like a thumbs up or down.

    Before you get started, we got to make sure we enable the Reactions extension. Please follow the steps required as you read along.

    1. Add Reactions extension

    Please follow these steps below

    • Sign in/Sign up on
    • Create/select your chat app
    • Head to extensions section on dashboard
    • Select reactions extension > Add extension

    2. Setup settings for reactions extension

    Please follow these steps below

    • Click on installed extensions
    • Select reactions settings
    • Enter the CometChat REST Api Key
    • Click on SAVE button to enable the reactions extension

    3. Enable reactions in your chat

    Please follow these steps below

    • Click on Chat widgets section on dashboard
    • Choose/Create your Chat widget
    • Click on main settings
    • Head to Emojis, stickers and reactions > enable React to messages
    • Click on Save & Done button

    On following all the above steps, you will now see a smiley icon enabled for each message.

    To add a reaction, click on the smiley icon which shows up on each message, and then choose your reaction to express love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes, and no to express effortlessly.

    You’ll be able to see how people have reacted to a message in the lower corner of the message. There, you’ll see the reactions people selected alongside a number indicating how many people reacted to the message. Tapping on the emojis will show you which members of your conversation reacted in which way.

    We provide support of reaction to messages for Web, iOS and Android platforms.

    Feature availability

    Reactions extension is available only for Asteroid, Moon, Planet and Nebula plans.

    To quickly integrate reactions of messages in your chat

    Sign in/ Sign up on CometChat dashboard

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