Pusher Chatkit is shutting down

Pusher announced that they are discontinuing Chatkit. We discuss how you can migrate quickly to CometChat.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Yesterday, Pusher announced that they are discontinuing Chatkit. And we are saddened to hear that. We believe Chatkit had all the potential to be a great product and it's unfortunate that Pusher has to narrow their focus to their more successful product- Channels. We've always been a big fan of Pusher and wish them the best moving forward.

If you are one of Chatkit's customers affected by this, firstly we want to say, we're sorry. It's a tough situation. You invested the time and money to integrate their service and, due to the current climate, they had to discontinue their product.

We understand that your trust in external services has taken a hit by this experience. That's why we'd like to take a moment to tell you about the ways in which CometChat differs from Chatkit in a business sense. In a few words- our core and only focus is chat.

This could also be an opportunity for your business to update and improve on your existing chat implementation. We've been doing a lot of exciting work and you could take this chance to start using some awesome features like HD voice and video calling.

How CometChat can speed up integration?

Our recently launched UI Kits allow you to go from 0 to 100 in a matter of minutes. Integration is as easy as-

  1. Signup for a free CometChat Pro account

  2. Follow the quick start guide for your platform:
    a. Android
    b. iOS
    c. Javascript
    d. React Native
    e. Cordova/Ionic

How CometChat can enhance your existing in-app solution?

We have a number of features which are unique to our offering. If we were to highlight just a few, they would be Voice & Video Calling and our Extensions Marketplace. You can quickly features like email notifications, sentiment analysis, profanity filtering and more.

How CometChat can help you migrate?

Three key ways that make it easier for you to migrate-

Price Match
In the current climate, we understand that it may be hard for you to get approvals for a different pricing structure. So we are offering a 1-year price match for all Pusher Chatkit customers.

Historical Migration
We are offering free data migration services to migrate all your existing Chatkit data to CometChat.

Live Migration
A common problem you may face is how quickly your customers can upgrade their mobile apps to a newer version (with CometChat). Our Live Migration technology allows users who are still using an older version of your app (with Chatkit) to be able to message users who are using your latest version (with CometChat) and vice versa. So there is minimal impact for your users.

Ready to begin?

Our team is happy to assist you with steps forward. Simply get in touch.

Team CometChat

We build chat and messaging SDKs that let you quickly code a full-featured chat experience into any mobile or web app.

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