Product Update: Push Notifications With Enhanced Features

Introducing token-based push notifications with new features. Read the blog to know more.

Harsha Patil • Mar 12, 2021

This week we are happy to release token-based push notifications with enhanced features like the

  • Control on group notifications

  • Accept iOS (using CallKit) & android calls directly from the notifications

  • Threaded message notifications and

  • Sending custom messages

What are push notifications and why use them?

In its simplest terms, a push notification is a short message or alert that is sent to anyone who has activated the app and has allowed the delivery of these notifications. You can receive these notifications if you have a laptop, an iPhone, an Android, or any other type of smartphone, and so can anyone to whom you want to deliver your business communications.

To provide more accessibility, the app does not have to be open at the time of the notification for the message to be visible. This allows you to reach a wide range of people by “pushing” your message to an entire group at the same time.

Push notifications are an excellent marketing tool for someone who has a mobile app because they allow you to engage with your users.

Advantages of token-based over topic-based push notifications

CometChat supports two versions of push notifications

  • Topic-based approach (V1)

  • Token-based approach (V2)


We strongly recommend using token-based approach (V2) for push notifications or migrate to V2, if your still using topic based approach (V1)

Support for push notification providers

We support push notifications with two providers
1. Firebase cloud messaging (FCM)
2. Apple push notification service (APNS)

You have an option to choose a push notification provider depending on your platform and the features you need as PushKit works only with APNS.

Steps to enable token-based push notifications V2

  • Visit

  • Go to extensions

  • Enable push notifications

  • Go to the Installed tab

  • Select push notifications settings


On the settings page,

  • Select v2 for token-based push notification

  • Choose your platform

  • Select your push notification provider (FCM/APNS)

  • Update the required keys/certificate for FCM/APNS


Once the push notification provider details are updated

  • Setup your notification title

  • Enable/ disable text message, call and media mesage notifications as required

  • Save the settings

Please go through the push notification documentation to implement in your application. We have provided integration steps and sample apps for different platforms like

  • Javascript

  • Android

  • iOS (using both FCM & APNS)

  • React Native

  • Ionic

On completing the steps mentioned and integrating code in your application. You will be able to receive push notifications seamlessly.


Support for push notifications

You may integrate using any CometChat UI Kit or SDKs on enabling push notification extension on CometChat dashboard.

Feature availability

Please note, Push notification is available with all CometChat plans

Sign in to your CometChat dashboard to check out these new features. New to CometChat? Try us out for FREE (no credit card required).

Harsha Patil



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