Product Update: Push Notifications Now Support CallKit

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March 19, 2021

Harsha Patil

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    This week, we are happy to introduce to you Push Notifications with CallKit for iOS.

    If you are an iOS developer, you could simply send a call notification as a message, which would have been easily overlooked by any user. That may be an important call that you don't want the user to miss. The way to notify the user about an incoming call that he/she needs to answer is via Apple's CallKit.

    Example of Push notification with CallKit Support

    About Apple's CallKit

    Apple's CallKit is the only choice for an iOS developer who wants to create a video or voice call with a native UI. CallKit, which was first introduced at WWDC session 203 in 2016, manages the iPhone's monitor for incoming and outgoing calls, dialing, third-party calling services like WhatsApp, and any Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service.

    For instance, it blends many of the functionality of VoIP apps with Apple's native interface. CallKit addresses and solves seemingly minor inconveniences including having to unlock your phone, go to the app, and press response, as well as having to drop VoIP calls for incoming cellular calls.

    The architecture of CallKit was created to make VoIP app calls as smooth as possible. Users may use CallKit to make calls using Bluetooth, a Siri voice command, or Apple's native interface on iOS 10 and higher.

    It also has a system for blocking spam calls, activating Do Not Disturb features, and communicating with other VoIP applications, allowing users to more efficiently manage incoming and outgoing calls and messages.

    You have an option to pick calls directly via notifications which makes the user's experience much better than before.

    Know more about Apple's CallKit from the documentation

    CometChat supports Push notifications V2 with CallKit using a token-based approach.

    Steps to get started using CallKit

    • Sign up on CometChat Dashboard
    • Enable push notification extension on dashboard for your application
    • Go to installed tab and select settings for Push notifications
    • Select V2 version for token-based push notifications.
    • Choose iOS platform
    • Upload required certificate for APNS for iOS app
    • Save the settings
    Settings on CometChat dashboard for Push Notifications to support Call Kit

    Please go through the documentation for more details on Push notifications V2.
    We have provided a sample app for IOS using CallKit. Click on github link  ( for the sample app. Please download the app from Github and run the app.

    You may use the sample app for reference to integrate CallKit in your iOS App.
    On implementation, you will start receiving call notifications on your iOS or Android app directly on the call screen.

    Support for push notifications

    You may integrate using any CometChat iOS UI Kit or SDKs on enabling push notification extension on CometChat dashboard.

    Feature availability

    Please note, Push notification extension is available with all CometChat plans

    Sign in to your CometChat dashboard to check out these new features. New to CometChat? Try us out for FREE (no credit card required).

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