50 Ridiculously Funny Programming Memes that Every Developer HAS to See!

Here's a collection of the most funny programming memes for software developers and engineers. Get ready to ROFL

Pronoy Roy • Jun 23, 2021

These programming memes are relatable, hilarious, and everything software developers and programmers need to get rid of the Monday morning blues.

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1. Coders are constantly turning the impossible into a kind of possible.

2. What would I do without You!

3. Well, at least your crush knows you exist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

binary programming meme

4. This is what happens when you decide to trust your clients’ intuitiveness

frontend coding meme

5. Marketing will say anything to get you to use their product.

programming api meme

6. Whoever said you can’t define love was wrong.

7. I don’t see any problem with this answer, the student deserves those 10 points.

software engineer meme

8. Apparently, the phrase ‘good looks sell’ applies to fashion AND software.

software programming memes

9. Logic while coding > Logic while reviewing the same code

programmer humor

10. Why does no one understand my interface? It’s so simple! Also my interface:

frontend coding memes

11. But I added a few lines of comment, you shouldn’t even care!

programmer meme

12. This teaching method was probably a brain fart.

binary coding meme

13. These tech recruiters have more requirements than the number of rules in grammar

14. I dream of the day people will know the difference between Java and JavaScript

java meme

15. Me: I can code. My Friend: Oh You must be really smart! Me: Yes… but no.

software developer meme

16. Self-growth is underrated

software engineer meme

17. Stack Overflow has saved several careers.

stack overflow meme

18. When I try to explain a non-techie what my job is:

backend programming meme

19. The semi-colon was definitely created by Satan.

code meme

20. Code works in mysterious ways.

coding meme

21. The test cases weren’t properly executed, that’s why they failed - no other reason.

software testing meme

22. My brain can do multithreading. It’s not good at it, but at least it can do it.

programmer humor

23. Me: Fails to resolve a bug
*after looking at the solution on stack overflow*

software debug meme

24. Incompatible data types in <operator> shower

data type coding meme

25. Programmer YouTubers should be called the oracle because they have all the answers

programming memes

26. I don’t know what’s worse, my design skills, or my design after I try to make it with CSS.

css memes

27. Functions reference each other a lot when talking

developer memes

28. Documentation gets ignored more than unwanted updates.

stack overflow developer memes

29. Ohhhh! That’s why coding makes me feel insane

machine learning meme

30. Please don’t look down at us Python programmers like that Y_Y

python meme

31. They C, so we don’t have to.

c++ meme

32. My dependence on these two knows no bounds.

github meme

33. What happens when you ask the fan of Brooklyn 99, New Girl, and coding to make a meme? This:

binary code meme

34. A debugger is too complex for me to figure out my own mistakes.

software debugging meme

35. One step at a time is how I survive coding everyday.

programming error meems

36. Work from home for programmers is like having a sports match in your home stadium. You may have played here before, but it doesn’t make it easier.

programming memes

37. There are 10 kinds of people. Those who understand binary and those who don’t.

binary code memes

38. The feeling of superiority I get when I get followers on GitHub is supreme.

github meme

39. I don’t trust people who code in light mode.

coding meme

40. Is it weird that we have to worry about American vs. British spellings in a coding language?

css memes

41. This meeting could have been an email. A long email, sure, but an email nonetheless.

software developer memes

42. This code runs on magic produced by my body through the consumption of coffee.

coffee and code memes

43. Don’t ask me why I do it, I picked it up from my teacher, who picked it up from their teacher, who picked it…..

programming variables meme

44. I’m a stickler for how you name the variable.

coding variables memes

45. You right now

programming meme

46. The weekend is the unifying factor for my entire team.

coding gif

47. When clients say that the software solution is too complex, this is what I picture them doing.

gif meme

48. It may look like I’m falling into the demonic pit, but I call it being sucked in by my work.

49. Even the IDE is smarter than me because it can tell where I’m missing the semicolon

50. Does your dad do the same?

developer dad jokes

And we come to a wrap-up!

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