Product Update: Profile Update & Delete Conversations in Chat Widgets

With this week's latest update, we've added functionality to update user and group profiles on the fly and to delete conversations from your chat app.

Harsha Patil • Jul 9, 2021

This product update is just an introduction to features like updating user/group, delete conversations in Chat Widgets.

You could have a many customers whose information needs to be updated dynamically from your website or app. Using the create or update user and group methods, you can automatically pass the information. Moreover, it helps reduce the overhead of updates on the CometChat dashboard for Chat integration.

We have made it easier for you to create or update users and groups by exposing methods and their properties like user name, group name, the user or group avatar, user profile link, group type, group password, etc.

Read the documentation to know more.

Delete conversations

delete conversation

This feature is helpful when you wish to delete a conversation from your recent chats. Deleting conversations is the best option to clear or remove unnecessary info from your app. Either hover on a message to delete for the Web platforms or just swipe right to delete on mobile platforms.

Pick your choice for integration i.e. Chat Widgets/UI Kits or SDKs.

Feature Available for all CometChat Plans

Sign in to your CometChat dashboard to check out these new features. And let us know what you think of these features in the comments below.

Harsha Patil



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