Product Update: View Voice and Video Usage

With this week's product update, we've added a voice and video analytics feature that lets users see their voice and video usage information, thereby improving user engagement.

Harsha Patil • Jul 23, 2021

We, at CometChat, are excited to announce the release of a new voice and video analytics feature. As we all know, voice and video have a very strong impact in communication, especially in the virtual scenario. Many customers find voice and video integration very useful in improving user engagement. CometChat now provides voice and video integration solution along with its usage information. This helps understand how your customers are using voice and video, thereby providing you an idea to take strategic decisions for your business.

If you've been using or integrated CometChat's voice and video solution before or plan on taking up a subscription, you'd like to learn more or have more queries on its usage.

  • Are your customers using voice and video minutes?

  • How much is it used?

  • How are we billed for the usage of voice and video minutes?

  • Is it engaging and helpful for your customers?

Here we just talk about about the voice and video minutes usage in your app.

We are providing call information in two ways:

  • Call section on dashboard presenting complete info about the calls

  • Graphical representation of calls for the past 90 days.

The new calls section on the dashboard helps you with:

  • Session-Id of the call

  • Call time

  • No. of participants in the call

  • Names of the participants and the usage of voice/video minutes per participant

  • List of platforms they use for the calls

  • Total Voice and video minutes of the call

call logs

List of calls for a selected duration

participant list

List of participants and their details

Secondly, we have a graphical representation of calls for 90 days shown under the Analytics section of the dashboard along with few metrics on daily and monthly usage of voice and video minutes in your app.


Graphical representation of voice and video minutes

Feature Available for all CometChat Plans

Sign in to your CometChat dashboard to check out these new features. And let us know what you think of these features in the comments below.

Harsha Patil



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