Product Update: Video Call ScreenShare

Improving engagements while sharing your screen during your video calls

Harsha Patil • May 8, 2021

We are happy to inform you that you can now share the screen along with the participant video in a video call. You have now options to pick different audio and video sources too.

Now, let's understand more about the usability of this feature and when it can be used. These are the days of virtual communication. You can be anywhere across the globe and have the privilege of sharing information or collaborate with people anytime. You might be in the education industry, running a business, or in a corporate organization. We understand collaboration is very important. Real-time communication with your people becomes even more necessary.

We can see how video calls have become an important part of our daily lives. When you need to share something in real-time with colleagues, students, or any potential business partner, screen share comes to the rescue. It raises the level of interaction and introduces a feeling that you can express even more clearly to the members of the call, who may be anywhere at the moment. Isn't that something really useful?

Let's look at a few situations where screen sharing can be extremely beneficial to your virtual meetings. Consider a virtual team meeting where a topic needs to be discussed with team members to find a solution to a problem. A team member may use a virtual whiteboard to create a solution flow, and he may share his or her screen and ask for inputs from other team members too.

CometChat screensharing

Another scenario could be when a teacher wants to showcase a video to students in a virtual classroom in real-time. The teacher can share her screen in a video call with the students and get on an engaging discussion with her students. Bringing in engagement in real-time improves the focus and attention of the students.

CometChat elearning

Now, let's see how you can use CometChat Voice/Video Call with Screen share feature and get started using it. Once you initiate a voice/video call, you can just share your screen using a button provided in the call screen. Your video source could be from your built-in laptop or an external source such as webcam. You will have an option to choose your video source by clicking on the video icon and share your screen by clicking on the ScreenShare button in an ongoing call.

cometchat video conferencing

The scenarios of using screen share could be endless and you can decide when you want to use this feature. If this sounds exciting! Get started integrating CometChat for Voice & Video calls.

Feature availability

Please note, Screen share is available with all CometChat plans

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