Product Update: Introducing New Extensions - Mentions and GIFs

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June 11, 2021

Harsha Patil

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    This week we have released Mentions and GIF extensions. Let's get to know more about them as you read along.


    Mentions aren't something you haven't heard before. You're probably used to mentioning people on social media platforms like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Slack. When used in group conversations, mentions immediately attract the attention of the person or group member with whom you want to share or tag a message.

    Only people who are already in the group conversation can be mentioned in a message. This feature helps in increasing the user experience in your chat. Hence, we at CometChat have released mentions extension available for you to implement in your Chat. You can get started implementing it in your Chat.

    How do I use mentions for the chat?

    cometchat feature screenshot - mention
    CometChat Pro Extension: Mentions
    • Open the chat.
    • While composing a message, type the "@" symbol and select a user/ group member's name.
    • We have set a specific format for mentioned group members/ a user in a message. Please refer to the documentation link provided below.
    • Send the message.
    Settings on CometChat Dashboard
    cometchat dashboard
    Settings on CometChat Dashboard
    • Sign up/login on CometChat dashboard
    • Go to the Extensions section
    • Enable mentions extension
    • Along, we are providing an option to fetch messages with mentions for a user/group member
     Please follow the documentation to implement 

    Mentions documentation for V2 apps 

    Mentions documentation for V3-beta apps 


    You must have used a Gif before and known how engaging conversations they lead to. Brands that share authentic and engaging content can create a close relationship with their audience, and the right GIF can be the perfect way to build this connection.

    These animated videos or stickers inject a healthy dose of youthful fun into your chat. They'll not only keep your audience engaged, but they'll also keep your brand from coming out as too serious.

    We at CometChat are extremely excited to release this feature and will be waiting to know how GIFs are helping you bring engagement better with your customers than ever before. GIFs are the best way to express your emotions funnily and help share with someone a feeling that at times words cannot. 

    You now have an option to pick your favorite brand for the most entertaining and trending gifs.

    • Giphy
    • Tenor
    • Gfycat

    How do you implement them?

    CometChat GIFs
    • You will open up the chat
    • Select an icon symbolizing the integrated Gif
    • List the trending Gifs or search for a Gif
    • Select the Gif from the keyboard and send it.
    Settings on CometChat Dashboard
    cometchat dashboard
    • Sign up/login on CometChat dashboard
    • Go to the Extensions section
    • Enable Giphy/Tenor/Gfycat extension depending on your integration
    • Along, we are providing an option to fetch messages with mentions for a user/group member

    We have step-by-step instructions provided in our document. Please run through them and implement gifs.

    Integration support available for UI Kits, SDKs & APIs 

    So get started implementing the mentions & Gif extensions. We provide support for Giphy, Tenor, and Gfycat.

    Extension Availability

    • Mentions available for all CometChat Plans
    • GIFs available for the below plans 
    • App developer - Growth, Scale, Enterprise
    • Events - Single and Unlimited plans 
    • SaaS Platform Integrator

    Sign in to your CometChat dashboard to check out these new features. And let us know what you think of these features in the comments below!

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