Product Update: Mute Functionality for Push Notifications

App users can now mute incoming Push notifications in their chat app.

Harsha Patil • Aug 12, 2021

We are happy to inform you about this week's release about mute functionality for Push Notifications.

Push notifications are clickable pop-up messages that appear on your users' browsers regardless of the device or browser they're using. Companies use push notifications to send messages, offers, and other information to their clients in a timely manner.

Hence, they are an effective way to connect with your app's users, but there's a catch. They are valued only when used correctly and sparingly.

Sending constant updates to keep the users engaged may seem that your users aren't going out of sight but at times be quite disturbing to the user who is busy browsing on the device. Users might even end up deleting their apps. This is the most common problem with Push notifications. Hence, providing your users' a flexible approach becomes necessary.

So CometChat is here with the Mute functionality for Push notifications for your chat app.

How does exactly mute feature help for Push notifications?

The mute feature comes in handy as you provide this flexibility to app users.

CometChat provides an option to mute both chat and calls.


Users of your chat app can mute/unmute notifications in different ways.

  • Do not disturb mode which doesn't let them receive any notifications

  • An option to mute notifications for a certain amount of time i.e. minutes/hours/days

  • They can mute a particular user or a group

  • They can mute all users or groups.

  • You can mention a user name so that the notification doesn't get missed.

The latest update on the Push notification extension provides a set of new APIs that help you implement the above mute/unmute features easily in your chat app.

So get started if that sounds interesting!

Please follow the documentation to implement

Push notification Extension for V2 apps
Push notification Extension for V3 apps

Integration support available for UI Kits, SDKs & APIs

So get started implementing the Push notification extension

Extension Availability

App developer plans
Event plans
SaaS Platform Integrator

Sign in to your CometChat dashboard to check out these new features. And let us know what you think of these features in the comments below!

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