Product Update: Email Replies for Unread Messages

Never let any message go unread. Use email replies to keep up the user engagement.

Harsha Patil • Jun 25, 2021

Communication is the backbone of any company culture and a successful business. With individuals working from home or in a hybrid work environment, communication is vital. The way you interact with your employees or customers sets the stage for how individuals talk to each other. Adopting remote or hybrid work environments, everything including communication has pivoted online and on personal devices.

With CometChat's latest update users can reply to an unread chat message by replying to the email notification, and their response will appear in the chat. It is an exciting feature that keeps your users engaged.

This feature makes for a much better user engagement, considering sometimes users do not want to fire up their browser, go to a chat platform, and just to reply to a message.

Let us dive in to know more:

This feature is available to customers as CometChat Extension, built by CometChat using third-party integration i.e. SendGrid, which works as an email delivery service.

Here’s what makes the CometChat email replies extension one-of-a-kind:

  • You can send emails only for unread messages and your users will never receive an email about the same message twice.

  • All the unread messages are collected together and a consolidated email is sent to avoid spamming the users.

  • The email templates are completely configurable, thanks to SendGrid!

Please follow these steps to enable email replies extension on the dashboard

  • Sign up/login on CometChat dashboard

  • Go to the Extensions section

  • Enable Email Notifications extension, update required settings for email setup using SendGrid Keys

  • Enable using Email replies extension, update specific settings.

email notifications

1. Enable Email Notifications extension

email notifications selection

2. Settings for email setup using SendGrid Keys

email replies

3.Enable email replies extension

email replies settings

4. Settings for Email replies extension

Once the above email replies extensions settings is setup. Any user who hasn't read a message receives an email notification and can respond to a message from the email itself.


Please follow the documentation to implement

Email Replies Extension for V2 apps
Email Replies Extension for V3-beta apps

Integration support available for UI Kits, SDKs & APIs

So get started implementing the email replies extension.

Extension Availability

App developer - Scale, Enterprise
SaaS Platform Integrator

Sign in to your CometChat dashboard to check out these new features. And let us know what you think of these features in the comments below

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