December 12, 2017

Best Plugins to Make BuddyPress More Interactive

Best Plugins to Make BuddyPress More Interactive
Best Plugins to Make BuddyPress More Interactive

BuddyPress has made it convenient for businesses as well as individual users to add a social element to their WordPress sites and increase traffic, and user activity and engagement.

With a wide range of plugins and integrations, you can create your own personalized social network.

Here is a review of 5 interesting plugins and integrations to make your BuddyPress community more engaging and interactive.



BuddyStream is a powerful plugin that allows you to integrate your social media platforms on BuddyPress. This way, you can receive your post updates and activity on all social platforms directly in your BuddyPress stream.

Eventually, it triggers the activity, response, and engagement among BuddyPress community members through an excessive flow of information and updates.

Aside from that, the plugin provides an insight into statistics about post reach and engagement and also provides you with a range of filtering tools to customize your posts and news feed. Know More

BudddyPress Activity Plu

BudddyPress Activity Plus

BudddyPress Activity Plus is a powerful plugin that triggers social sharing on your BuddyPress community as well as BuddyPress powered social sharing engines.

The plugin makes it convenient for you to share mass media on your social community by integrating still and motion graphics, videos, audios and external links in your posts.

This way, it allows you to share your favorite media item or piece of information from the World Wide Web, with your BuddyPress community, and increase activity and member engagement. Know More

BuddyPress Member Types

BuddyPress Member Types

Online social communities have multiple types of members. For instance, if you have set up a BuddyPress community for your workforce, you have your technical, non-technical and administrative staff, supervisors, managers and administrators.

Actualizing this need, BuddyPress has recently introduced multiple member type functionality through BuddyPress Member Types Plugin and allows you to create personalized member types for your community. Additionally, it also lets you customize the registration process for each member type. Know More

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