July 1, 2015

phpFoxer App - Even more powerful with CometChat!

We are proud to announce the seamless integration of CometChat with phpFoxer. PHPFox is a great social networking script, built in PHP & MySQL that helps you create your own social network for your website. PHPFox is very easy to use as you need not worry about coding. You simply have to install this script on your web server/web host and you’re ready to go. phpFoxer is an Android and iOS Mobile App for PHPFox. Along with the known functionalities of PHPFox, it has a friendly UI and adds unique features like mobile ads, push notifications and photo/video/music upload. The phpFoxer app now supports CometChat. So you can chat directly from the phpFoxer apps!


Chat from your phpFoxer app!

From the wide range of features available, chat functionality was missing from phpFoxer. CometChat fulfills this requirement by easily integrating with your existing application making it even more powerful! You can now increase your app interactivity by letting your users chat with one another.


Features CometChat adds various real-time networking features to phpFoxer such as: 1. One-on-one chat: Your users can chat in private with one another using one-on-one chat facility. 2. Chatrooms: Your users can also create a chatroom where more than one users can chat at a time. You can also check out all the amazing features of CometChat.

Get CometChat!

phpFoxer integrates directly with CometChat Premium or Platinum Edition. Add CometChat to your phpFox site & phpFoxer app today and increase your user interactivity immediately!

So what are you waiting for?

Purchase CometChat today or contact us if you have any questions.