July 15, 2015

Overview of the Drupal Developer Days 2015

Overview of the Drupal Developer Days 2015

Wolfgang Zeigler, the CEO – Head of Development at drunomics, acknowledged Drupal Developer Days 2015 as the best event in the history of the CMS. The Drupal Dev Days are great events for developers to meet the community, engage in coding contests, and work on improving Drupal while sharing their experience. Held in Montpellier, France, the main focus of this year’s edition was coding contests, contributions to the community, and the Drupal 8 framework release.

Overview of the Drupal Developer Days 2015

Small Event – Large Impact Despite being one of the smaller tech events, the DDD 2015 was certainly the landmark event in the Drupal calendar. From 13th to 19th April, the event was attended by more than 2000 developers, programmers, and community experts at the European DrupalCons. More a convention than an event, if you ask me! The DDD 2015 first kicked off with the mentor spirit, as the thought leaders behind Drupal gave seminars on the best practices to contribute to the CMS. The passion of the mentors and their vision was clearly the winner at these keynotes, and even the high level management was very welcoming and in full spirits, discussing their projects and codes with new members. Josef aka dasjo who joined the Drupal team as a site builder back in 2007 was motivating people to give their input to the #d8rules initiative. Emma Jane, the author of the bestselling books on Front End Drupal, was quite vocal about the Bartik issues since she maintains the theme. She also mentored the attendance in working around the frontend issues.

The Drupal 8 Following the third day, sessions of keynotes started with the evergreen Angie Byron (webchick) giving her piece on the Evolution of the Drupal Community. Wolfgang Zeigler (fago), presented his keynote on Drupal 8 Entity API which gave a comprehensive overview of the framework on which the system is built and the changes from the previous versions of the entity system. The simple yet thought provoking keynotes were acknowledged even by non-developers. The Amazee Labs, a sponsor of the event, was represented by Michael (Schnitzel) who presented his keynotes on the best practices in multilingual Drupal 7 sites and the potential features of Drupal 8. Bastiasn (dasrecht), the Developments & Operations Engineer presented Are You Visualizing Your logfiles? and got great feedback while also discussing social media. Last but not the least, Josef, Klaus Purer (Klausi) and Ziegler presented a session on Writing plug-ins with #d8rules which encouraged the community to take initiative and reform the Drupal 8 rules. Porting such a massive module and changing the structure of the framework was well documented in the session, which also provided insight on the best methods to port the current Rules plug-ins to Drupal 8.

Conclusion The DDD 2015 was a very successful event for the community as well as the attendees. In just one week, more than 138 patches were integrated with Drupal 8 with just 38 critical bugs remaining. The DDD 2015 resulted in a milestone being achieved by Drupal, who will now look to capitalize on it for next year’s edition as well!

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