CometChat Pro November update

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November 12, 2019
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    This month CometChat Pro got a brand new look, new tutorials, and a healthy dollop of new features which - if you are embarking on an ambitious chat project - we know you are going to love.

    The new CometChat Pro

    Our history started in bustling Mumbai where CometChat was founded and bootstrapped by twin brothers Anant and Anuj. From this faraway beginning, CometChat grew to what it is today: one of the most important players in the chat implementation market now headquartered in Boulder, Colorado 🇺🇸. But with all those changes, our brand never caught up. Until now.

    Our new branding and website for CometChat Pro

    This year, we decided to invest the time and energy to completely rebuild our brand. We had several demands of our new branding. We wanted it to reflect our updated goals and ambitions, showing in its style and writing the progression we’ve made over the past years. And at the same time, it had to be ready for the years to come, in which we're still looking to expand and accomplish so much more. Oh, and the dark theme had to be really cool.

    2.0 beta

    While you're enjoying including a modern-looking and forward-thinking brand in your stack, we will never lose sight of our mission for Pro: to provide powerful chat SDKs plus best-in-class open-source examples, tutorials, and support for developers.

    CometChat Pro 2.0 beta introduced the ability to choose your application’s region – either in North America or Europe, which not only allows you to achieve lower latencies but makes it easier to comply with local regulations. And we also rolled out several extensions, which enable you to connect with other services, like our official partner SendGrid for email notifications. Check out these handy extensions we announced this month as well:


    Someone smart once said, “if you do not document a feature, it does not exist”. We take that sentiment two steps further and create best-in-class tutorials and open source examples for everything. Have a look at some of our latest:

    We also rolled out the first instalment in an educational course introducing providing a gentle introduction to SwiftUI (1/4).

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