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February 16, 2018
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    User engagement is a rather integral part of scaling and growing your website/app. Increased user engagement keeps users on your website/app longer and helps you create a community. You can further monetize and generate revenue from your website/app using this very community.

    CometChat is a tool that can help you achieve and establish user interaction on your website and in turn increase user engagement.

    With a vast array of features, websites like Dating, Marketplace, Travel etc. can use CometChat to inject the extra level of communication and collaboration into their website/apps.

    Brand New CometChat WordPress Plugin

    We are excited and thrilled to announce that keeping up with our updates, developments and adding to our 92+ Integrations, we now have launched a dedicated WordPress Plugin on the WordPress Plugins store.

    The Plugin is ready to install dedicated WordPress package which integrates instantaneously with your WordPress website and gives you access to CometChat and all of its features.

    • Voice & Video Calling & Conference
    • Voice & Video Broadcasting
    • Real-time Language Translation
    • Collaborative Whiteboard
    • Collaborative Document
    • Role Based Access Control
    • Advertisements
    • Credit-Based Deduction
    • In-Depth Analytics
    • Dashboard Statistics
    • And so much more

    And so much more and you can have all of this up and running in a matter of minutes.

    You can know more about the plugin and download it from the WordPress Plugins Store.

    How to install the new CometChat WordPress Plugin

    How to install the new CometChat WordPress Plugin Installing the WordPress Plugin is as easy as pie and below is a quick video to help you.


    ## CometChat and some of its features

    The new Plugin gives you access to some of the many features of CometChat which vary from

    Voice & Video Calling & Conference

    Users take interaction up a notch with CometChat’s Voice & Video Conferences and also add that extra level of interaction by creating their Virtual hangout spaces.

    Real-time Language Translation

    Your users can translate live chats so that they can interact with users from all over the globe without a glitch.

    Collaborative Whiteboard

    Users can share thoughts by drawing on a collaborative whiteboard giving them freedom to express themselves.

    Collaborative Write-Board

    Users can work on documents and collaborate together with the help of the writeboard plugin keeping them on your website and increasing engagement.

    All of these features allow for a greater level of communication and collaboration on your website.

    Power-Packed Administration Panel

    The Power-Packed Administration Panel which gives the admin access and control over CometChat and features like.

    Role Based Access Control

    Restrict and Grant access to CometChat’s features, provide more functionality to your Premium Members compared to your Free Members.


    Custom advertisements can be added to chat boxes giving you the opportunity to earn some extra revenue.

    Credit-Based Deduction

    Deduct credits from user accounts when they use various CometChat features.

    In-Depth Analytics

    Access real-time data with pointers such as Active users, Messages sent and more this data is well-segregated and allows for more control and scalability.

    All of the above features and more allow for Monetization and Scalability opportunities. You can read more about our features here.

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