October 31, 2013

CometChat for EasySocial and ocPortal

EasySocial Chat

EasySocial is an extension by Stack Ideas that raises the bar for Joomla’s social extensions. EasySocial provides features such as flexible user management, ability to handle large communities and powerful integration which makes CometChat a perfect fit for your EasySocial enabled social network website.


CometChat and EasySocial go hand in hand in terms of user connectivity, flexibility and interaction which includes: – Sharing multimedia such as photos, videos and files – Live streaming with audio-video chat and several interactive features such as games, handwrite-a-message, real-time translation and much more – Users can also chat and socialize with their Facebook/Gtalk friends directly from your EasySocial site – Group chat feature enables your site users to get a lot more social – Easily scalable to handle thousands of EasySocial site users Add CometChat with EasySocial to increase your site interactivity exponentially!

ocPortal Chat

ocPortal is a versatile and free Content Management System for next generation websites. It is a powerful platform that can be used not just to create content and creative websites but also customer service and commercial websites.


CometChat coupled with ocPortal makes for a really powerful combination that can suit virtually any of your website requirements. Features include: – CometChat’s chatroom feature that enables users to have a group chat with other users – One can easily connect and share videos, photos, files and much more – Tonnes of collaborative and utility features such as whiteboard, writeboard and screen sharing – Also, CometChat has many other features like real-time translation and social sharing which makes any ocPortal enabled site complete Team up CometChat with ocPortal today and make your site experience much more delightful!

Get CometChat!

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