June 28, 2016

New Crea8Social seamless integration for CometChat!

CometChat for Crea8Social

Crea8Social is a social networking platform that sums features of common social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter and to that indigenous to it such as the feature that allows it to display information (to the user) about any link added, profile can be redesigned by users, communities created and invite others to join amongst many other interesting features.

crea8social seamless integration

CometChat seamlessly integrates with Crea8Social! – Your users will be automatically logged in to CometChat when they login to your Crea8Social site. – CometChat will automatically show all online users or friends (if your site supports it) in the Who’s Online list. – CometChat will integrate with your users’ avatar and profile links as well (if your site supports it). Learn more about Crea8Social chat!

Get CometChat

Purchase CometChat Or Download CometChat for Crea8Social if you have already purchased. Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.