August 17, 2011

New CometService Plans

We have updated our CometService pricing!

Now you can subscribe to our CometService for as low as $9/month. We have also added a lot more messages for each plan!

If you are wondering what CometService is, here are a couple of frequently asked questions:

What is CometService? CometService is an optional service that enables you to offload 95% of the load due to CometChat from your servers to our servers. Using CometService, messages are sent in near real-time and thus speed of message delivery improves drastically. CometChat will poll your servers only once every 60 seconds (instead of the current 3-12 seconds).

How difficult is it to setup CometService? CometService can be activated directly from the CometChat Administration Panel. After you subscribe, it will only take you a couple of seconds to activate CometService.

Which editions of CometChat are compatible with CometService? You can use any edition of CometChat with CometService.

Intrigued? Head over to our CometService page or ask us a question.

If you are already using CometService, your account plan has automatically been adjusted with your new messages. No action is required from your end.