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March 30, 2017
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    Hey folks!

    The effort at CometChat has always been to provide a product that is truly focused on offering a great user experience.

    CometChat 6.4

    So here is yet another smashing CometChat release with improvements that will keep your users glued to your website and app.

    Even more user centric than before

    Your users will never miss a conversation now with the all-new ‘Offline Message Queuing’ feature which queues the conversation even when users lose internet connectivity and pushes them back to the user when they regain connectivity.

    Offline message on web

    Message sending on web when users are offline

    Offline message on mobile

    Message sending on mobile when users are offline

    Recent conversations can be found almost instantly, thanks to the ‘Recent’ tab. No more fumbling around to find the most recent chats.

    Recent tabs on web

    Recent conversations are available on the 'Recent' tab.

    Recent tabs on mobile

    Recent tab on mobile

    Users can now check when their friends were last active and strike up a conversation with the ‘last seen’ feature.

    Users can see when other users were last active

    Manage better with the improved admin UI

    The new administration panel is slick and intuitive. It is simple and accessible so you can manage your CometChat better.

    Spruced up Admin UI

    Moreover, you can enable and disable certain tabs according to the needs of your user base.

    Voice and Video calls are more intuitive

    The voice and video calling UI has been tweaked to offer a seamless user experience and help users engage with each other in a better fashion.

    Audio Video call, initiating
    Audio Video call, receiver's end

    Other improvements

    • Chats on multiple browser tabs stay synchronised now.
    • Status messages are better defined and in line with current user trends.
    • Update & upgrade seamlessly using the update now button in the admin panel.

    Get CometChat v6.4.0

    CometChat PHP (Self-Hosted)

    Get our latest chat software & experience a phenomenal increase in the time spent by your users on your site and app.

    Get CometChat v6.4

    Already have CometChat? Download CometChat or purchase our installation service if you would like us to perform the upgrade.

    CometChat Cloud

    Version 6.4 will be available for CometChat Cloud shortly.

    Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

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