Monetize your website and apps with CometChat: Custom advertisements

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September 3, 2018
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    In-App advertising is a swiftly growing market and with people spending over an average of 3 hours a day on mobile and web devices, brands can no longer ignore the potential and opportunities it can provide.

    Website and App owners can now sell valuable ad space to marketers who wish to market their product and services to large communities of targeted audiences.

    CometChat allows you to create such communities by connecting users within your mobile and app, increasing user engagement and promoting user retention.

    CometChat’s communication features allow your users to stay connected with each other and using the collaborative features they can collaborate on different projects whilst staying on CometChat. On the other hand, CometChat’s monetization features allow you to monetize your now engaged user base.

    In the past, we have discussed various of CometChat’s monetization features and in this article let us discuss in detail CometChat’s custom advertisements feature and how it allows you to advertise within CometChat and generate extra revenue.

    CometChat’s Custom Advertisements Feature

    CometChat’s Custom Advertisements feature allows you to display custom banner ads within chat boxes. These advertisements will then be automatically displayed in an active chat box.

    The feature is easy to configure and requires minimal efforts. You can display both native banner ads or integrate the feature along with google ads to display ads via Adsense.

    How do you configure Custom Advertisements into your Website/App?

    Let’s go through the steps you need to follow while setting Custom Advertisements via CometChat Admin Panel

    • Step 1: Log in to Admin panel using Access Credentials.
    • Step 2: Click on “Features” and scroll down to find “Other Features”
    Use the Dashboard to access the Advertisements feature.
    • Step 3: Click on “Other Features” and find “Advertisements”
    Find Advertisements under other features.
    • Step 4: Click on Advertisements and now add your “Ad Code” and adjust your “Ad Height”.
    Add your Ad Code and adjust hieght
    • Step 5: Once done click on “Update Settings” to make your ad go live.
    Simply click on “Update Settings” and make the ad live.

    You can easily configure the feature and have it up and running within minutes.

    Use Case to Sell CometChat Ad Space

    Healthcare Industry: You own a website/app that provides Ayurveda healthcare consultancy online. Users who wish to connect with healthcare consultants can do so via CometChat.

    You can sell ad space here to Ayurveda product manufacturers or service providers who can use it to display their products/services during the chat.

    SocialMedia/Community Website/Apps: You own an online gaming community website/app where gamers and enthusiasts connect with each other over CometChat groups and discuss games, events and more.

    You can sell ad space to game developers who can display new games, upcoming events, merchandise and more directly to their target audience.

    Banking & Finance Industry: You own an online financial consultation website/ app where users can connect with financial consultants via CometChat and get information and guidance on trading, insurance etc.

    You can sell ad space to financial institutions or banks who can display their products/services within the chatbox.

    Dating Websites/Apps: You own an online Dating App/Website where users can connect with potential dates using CometChat. You can sell ad spaces here to various companies that wish to market their products/services directly to your users.


    In-app advertisements, allow you to make use of valuable ad space and cash in on it. Ads which are relevant to your website/ app would also be appreciated by your users and such ads will receive better responses.

    CometChat’s monetization features are a complete package and help you monetize your website and app effectively and with absolute efficiency.

    CometChat also increases user engagement within your website and app further promoting user retention and driving monetization your website.

    It also helps you provide excellent services and enhance your users experience ensuring. You can also go through our other articles on Role based access control and Credit deduction features to learn more about monetization with CometChat.

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