February 6, 2015

All-New CometChat Mobile App v1.5 - Say Hello, Hola or Bonjour!

All-New CometChat Mobile App v1.5 - Say Hello, Hola or Bonjour!

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Taking our journey with our All-New Mobile Apps ahead, along with audio, video & text chat on mobile, we are happy to bring you a new version, that will amaze your users!


What’s new?

Translate Conversations Making global communication easier was what we dreamt of, and this feature just gets us closer to our dream. Now communication with family or friends, gets simpler, with the ‘Translate Conversations’ feature. Enable your mobile users to translate all incoming messages into their native language auto-magically!


Video Sharing Our previous version only included ability to share photos. We’ve heard your request and now your users can share their fun moments through videos with this amazing new feature.


Invite via SMS Exponentially increase your user base using our new Invite via SMS feature. Enable your site users to invite their friends via a pre-defined SMS. Now your users can simply send an invite to their contacts and get them to join your site! You can also customize this pre-defined SMS from the CometChat Admin Panel. Watch your traffic grow instantly!


Announcements Now announcements sent via the CometChat Admin Panel are visible in the mobile app as well. So your users are always up-to-date with the latest happenings of your site. Not using announcements feature? You can easily disable it from CometChat Admin Panel as well.



Block/Unblock User Now stop a contact from messaging – simply block the user!



Users can also unblock the user later, if they wish to, and continue conversations as before!


Set Status & Set Status Message Show availability by setting availability status. Also, change the status message!



Optimized Network Calls & Database Management We care about mobile phone data and battery usage. CometChat has minimized the network usage and battery consumption to ensure your device doesn’t run out of juice.

Need Custom Branding?


Purchase white-labelled version of our mobile appsfor just $399 (includes both iOS & Android). Our white-labelled apps are branded specifically for your site. So your app will feature your logo, your app name, your colors and no URL bar (in the login page)! The apps will also be uploaded using your Google Play & Apple iTunes developer accounts.

Get The All-New Mobile Apps!Purchase the mobile apps or purchase our re-compilation service if you would like us to upgrade your existing mobile apps. For audio/video chat on mobile, you will also need our Platinum Edition (for seamless video chat across web, mobile & desktop). We currently support webRTC technology only for video chat. For all other mobile app features, any CometChat Edition can be used.

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