7 Marketplace Experts Every Online Business Owner Should Follow

Newton had once stated that he was able to see further than others because he stood on the shoulders of giants. You can also become an expert in a field by learning from thought leaders within the industry.

Team CometChat • Apr 21, 2020

Newton had once stated that he was able to see further than others because he stood on the shoulders of giants. You can also become an expert in a field by learning from thought leaders within the industry. And one of the best platforms to connect with the industry experts is Twitter.

A number of marketplace leaders have an official Twitter account with thousands, and some with millions, of followers. Following their official accounts will allow you to gain insightful tips for running your business.

Here we have listed seven marketplace experts that you should definitely follow if you are an online business owner.

1. Simone Cicero

Simone Cicero is the founder of Platform Design Toolkit that helps in building multi-sided platform models. He shares a lot of tips regarding different aspects of the business such as innovative value chains, market networks, digital chains, and more.

2. Rachel Botsman

Another thought leader in the online marketplace industry is Rachel Botsman. She is the author of several tech books and a lecturer at the Oxford University’s said Business school. You can follow her twitter page to know great tips about earning trust with your target customers.

3. Sangeet Paul C

Sangeet Paul C is the author of the best selling book “Platform Revolution, Platform Scale”. He is also a Chair at MIT Platform Strategy Summit and advisor to C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies. To get insightful information about revolutionizing marketplace technologies, you can follow his twitter handle.

4. Andrew Youderian

Andrew Youderian is a blogger, podcaster, and online entrepreneur. He has established a private community for highly profitable store owners called The Ecommerce Fuel. You can follow and read his twitter feeds to get insightful, high-quality information regarding running any type and size of business

5. Steve Chou

Steve Chou is the founder of the online store Bumblebee Linens that he has been running for about a decade. You must follow his twitter page to learn about expert stats relating to e-commerce. He teaches budding entrepreneurs how to replicate his success in the digital ecosystem.

6. Chad Rubin

You should read the blogs posted on industry expert Chad Rubin’s twitter feed to learn how to make your marketplace stand apart from the rest. He is an influencer who shares marketing tactics that can help you promote your business and improve profitability.

7. Dan Steiner

Dan Steiner is an e-commerce thought leader who regularly writes articles for Inc, CIOOnline, and Entrepreneur. You can follow his Twitter profile to read insightful blogs about SEO and digital marketing.


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