Leap Into The Future with CometChat 7.0

January 30, 2018

CometChat Team

CometChat 7.0 is dedicated and focused on scalability and more power to developers.

New Cloud Plans

We have updated our Cloud Plans to fit your needs. You get hassle-free setup, Real-time messaging and an included SDK to build on. Our cloud plans are scalable, with dedicated service and are as easy as 1,2,3. You can further read about our could plans here.View Cloud Pricing Plans

New Dashboard Stats

The new Dashboard stats feature gives you access to real-time data with pointers such as Active users, Messages sent and more. Access to this data allows you more control and scalability.

Voice Notes

Your users can now send audio snippets and have more personalized conversations and express themselves with the new Voice Notes feature. The feature is well integrated and available on all of our platforms so that no one is left out.

Improved UI for Audio Calling

With constant developments, we have now updated our UI interface for the audio calling feature. A more clean and fluid interface for your users to interact with for a better experience.

Support for Xamarin Forms

We have updated our Xamarin Chat SDK Component to support Xamarin Forms. Use the Xamarin.Forms API to quickly build native apps for iOS and Android completely in C#.

New WordPress and BuddyPress Plugin

CometChats new WordPress Plugin is now available! Our plugin makes it effortless to install CometChat on your WordPress and BuddyPress site. Friends’ list synchronization happens auto-magically if you have BuddyPress installed.