Launching Audio/Video Calling for cross-platforms using Ionic framework

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December 2, 2020

Harsha Patil

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    The wait is finally over! We are excited to release the calling feature to all ionic developers using the CometChat Ionic SDK

    CometChat, Ionic SDK now provides easy integration for audio and video calling in applications developed using the Ionic framework. One-time development that supports iOS, Android, and Web cross platforms. Our developers have made it easy to help you get started with audio/video calling by implementing just a few steps of code in your application.

    Let's get started to know more
    Listing out different features available for calling and you will be introduced to the technical document to help you get started implementing the calling feature in your application

    1. Support for Audio and Video calls

    An example of a audio call

    A example of a video call

    We support both audio and video calls. You may choose to implement depending on your requirement.

    2. Options to make one-on-one(1-1) and a group call

    Option to make 1-1 or a group call

    You may choose to implement one-on-one calling when you wish to make a private call or implement a group call feature when you need to interact with a group of people. Next, will show how you can have different modes setup for 1-1 or a group call

    3. Ways to set different modes

    We provide different mode setup for calling i.e. Default, Single and Spotlight mode. Default mode, always shows up the local audio/video stream in the top right corner of the screen. You may choose to setup single mode for 1-1 calling and spotlight mode for group calling depending on your use case.

    4. Set of customizations available

    You have options to hide/show default buttons such as end call, audio, video, flip.

    Now, if the above features seem really exciting. Don't wait anymore, get started implementing.

    5. Guide to implement the calling feature

    We understand you need more information in detail and hence we are providing a technical document for you to get started!

    Here are the integration guidelines

    If you're facing any issues during integration, please feel free to reach out to our customer support for any technical guidance.

    Feature Availability

    Calling feature is available only for Asteroid, Moon, Planet and Nebula plans

    To quickly integrate calling in your Ionic application

    Sign in/ Sign up on CometChat dashboard

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