July 1, 2018

June Update: Restful API, Email Notifications & More

June Update: Restful API, Email Notifications & More

The fundamentals and values of CometChat has always been to serve our users with the best features and experiences we can. This has always been the drive and incentive for us in meeting the requirements of all our clients.

In the light of these developments, our team of highly skilled developers have added another list of updates to CometChat. Have a look for yourself:

New & Powerful Javascript and Restful API

We have been updating and upgrading all of our Scripts and API’s to provide better access to our features.

You can also use our new Javascript and Restful API’s to customize CometChat’s functionality on your website with more control.

From creating/deleting/adding groups and users in a group to user logins with UID, we covered a lot of features.

Email Notifications

The Email Notification feature sends an email to every offline user whenever he/she has a new message. This prompts the offline user that someone is trying to connect with them over chat, hence pushing them to check their messages.

This keeps the user informed and on track with important messages and notifications.

File Sharing made easy

Our updated file sharing feature allows your users to send files by simply dragging and dropping them within chat.

Users now just drag and drop files to share them

Your users can securely share files, documents, reports and images with a simple drag and drop UI.

Updated Developer Documentation

We have updated our developer documentation to make them simpler and easier to follow. You can find comprehensive guides and documentation to help you get started.

New Integration for Bubble.is

CometChat now has a dedicated, ready-to-use integration for bubble.is. You can now add CometChat to your Bubble.is website with minimal effort with a few clicks and needles to say, within minutes.

Learn more about Bubble.is and 90+ of our other seamless integrations here.

Improved Administration Panel

We have updated our Administration Panel to give you more control over CometChat and its functionalities.

The updated Administration Panel is fluid and offers more control

Apart from managing users, searching for users directly from the admin panel, you can now also delete group messages right from the Admin Panel.

Better Voice & Video Calling and Conference

Users will now receive a busy tone if they call another user who is already on a call. Also, users will be informed if they have a slow internet connection before the start of a Voice and Video Call.

More fun with new Bots

We have launched 4 new bots which add more functionality to CometChat and aid your conversations. Let’s now introduce you to these 4 bots:

  • Crypto: Crypto provides your users with real-time price updates for popular crypto currencies.
Crypto provides real-time updates on cryptocurrencies

-Chuck: Chuck gives you “100%” not true satirical factoids about martial artist and actor Chuck Norris.

Stay updated with all the Chuck Norris facts
  • Joke: It tells you jokes to make your conversations lively and helps you and your friends laugh out loud!
oke bot will make you and your friends laugh out loud
  • Xkcd: Xkcd will provide you with webcomics based on romance, sarcasm, math, and language making your day just a bit more.
Fun to read webcomics

Try these bots and explore CometChat using our live demo

Improved Friends Functionality

CometChat’s friend functionality auto synchronizes your website’s existing friend list and ensures that your users can view their current friend list whilst using CometChat.

This was all for now. Stay tuned for some exciting surprises and updates coming your way.

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