July Update: Zapier Integration, Improved SDKs & More

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August 6, 2018
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    At CometChat we ensure that our products are always superior and we thrive to deliver state of the art solutions that ensure success and growth in your business and for all the above we constantly update and upgrade our solutions.

    On that note, let me showcase our developments for the month of July.

    Zapier Integration

    CometChat now also integrates with Zapier right out of the box. With the custom integration, CometChat works flawlessly with Zapier and all of its custom apps.

    You can create workflows and collaborate with over 1000+ other apps to create custom functions and mold CometChat to fit these functions helping you achieve more.

    Zapier can be used to create multiple workflows and trigger specific CometChat features, for instance, you can push notifications within CometChat groups whenever new content is posted on your website/app.

    You can further combine CometChat with apps like Todoist such that whenever a new to-do is created it is posted within CometChat groups or is pushed as a broadcast message.

    With over 1000+ apps, there are numerous use cases and customization options available.

    Our Zapier Integration is available in Mega Plan and higher.

    Upgraded Restful API

    We constantly updating our Restful API offerings to ensure that CometChat remains extremely customizable and developer friendly.

    Our new APIs now allow you to moderate CometChat with far more ease. Get easy access to message logs, message count and more using the new updated JavaScript and Restful API.

    New & Improved iOS & Android SDK

    We have updated CometChat’s iOS & Android SDK to allow more control and customization option’s for developers.

    We have optimized the SDK to allow moderation features on groups, support GIF images and as all the other SDKs our iOS & Android SDK come with full access to UI source code so that you can customize the user interface exactly as per your needs.

    That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for more updates and new features heading your way.

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